Skins for domesticated animals

why wouls we not see in the futur skins for our domestical animals(by exemple a santa deer whith a red nose or somethink like that?)i’ll would be greate

we dont even have domestic animals yet, and skins arent a good idea either.

Skins for animals is taking it a bit too far.

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Yea, that’s taking the concept a bit far. :grinning:

but i thinked it was cool too have them(just simpel skins like effects hats red noses…

i used the 4.X categorie because nelson will make animals domesticalble in the 4.X

No. Nobody ever said that. It’s on a community Wishlist. That’s it. An idea list. Not confirmed, and there’s a slim chance it’ll even make it to 4.0 in any way.

(-1 on the idea BTW. Seems super unnecessary in all honesty and Nelson could use his time in better ways than skins for deer and stuff.)

super obvious troll which no one figured out

This community

Yeah, the op should move this thread to memes.

I think it’s a serious post.

Weird concept, not too sure what else to say on it stance-wise. I think it’d be weird to know when an animal is actually “domesticated” though.

I’d much rather there be multiple texture variants of cows that can spawn with only aesthetic differences instead, tbh. Dunno what to say about actual skins though.


That is very sad then. But I do like multiple textures for animals, that would be cool


yeah! :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that we will get domestic animals in 4.0 (it is on the trello wishlist and it would be a cool feature ). Deers with red noses? Maybe as a Christmas fool, but not for general. But skins for domesticated animals sounds cool, if they are not too offensive (violet cows for example )

Got a problem with Milka boi ?

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That is animal abuse!

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imagine if dogs were added and you had different breeds as skins. now THAT would be cool.

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Mythical Rainbow Doggo Face Dog Skin! :smiley: :triumph:


i say nelson gets the core mechanics of 4.x finished first before we start speaking about putting skins on cows

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