Skins in 4.0

Hello Nelson.How Are you??
On behalf of the Russian community, I would like to ask, since we are now actively learning this topic, what will happen to our skins and the gold status of 3.0, when 4.0 will be released, will they be lost or left?

4.0 is a completely different game. Nothing in 3.0 will be lost. Unsure if Gold will transfer over.

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so its basically the second game in the series xd

… really still miserable about the fire… ehh whatever, im listening to a cheesy song

I’m pretty sure Nelson has said himself (don’t take my word for it) that the skins won’t transfer over. But, 4.0 will be a different game on Steam so you can have both games installed. They won’t be deleted, they just won’t be useful in 4.0. Gold should transfer over, and hey, you might get some new features idk.

4.0 should have it’s own Gold DLC

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