Skybase Poll

  • Keep the function skybase just Like Unturned to Unturned II
  • Dont include the function of skybase Like Unturned to Unturned II

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(Realism for the sake of realism is bad)

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Skybases are overpowered and are incredibly unrealistic.


It doesn’t matter if it incredibly unrealistic, all it matters if it make game better or not. Personally for me while skybase is op, it makes the game very fun for me

(Realism for the sake of realism is bad)

Skybases are virtually impracticable without plugins like Home or TPA to get in and out of it. And almost at all times it seems like nelson has no care for plugins or problems associated with them because it’s not apart of the vanilla game.

So if nelson were to introduce structures that do not decay or break when floating then more than likely it will stay that way. And then home/TPA plugins will come along and boom - skybases again.

So unless nelson literally plans on building the game around the fact that people will abuse non-vanilla things like /home to get into a floating base or he just doesn’t want anything to float then skybases will be a thing.

edit: My opinion on skybases is that they shouldn’t be around. The only reason they’re around now is because normal base building is effectively useless. Skybases give you all the extra benefits of being harder to get to, harder to raid, and harder to detect especially if made out of free form plates. If Unturned II is made correctly then normal bases will be balanced enough to the point where either a skybase will be impractical or they will be super duper OP - which nobody wants.


No, it doesn’t.
And now, I’m going to introduce a new meta phrase:
Gameplay for the sake of gameplay is bad.


I like sky bases. Adds some cool Competition to the Game because now you have worry about falling to your death as well as sentry’s, players, and other things that might kill you.

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And stupid

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Even though people on the forums overuse the well known phrase. That phrase you made doesnt really add up since, better realism isnt always good, but better gameplay is.

Besides that skybases shoudnt be in the game.

Thing is, in unturned 3.0 if you wanted your base to last, the only thing keeping it from being not raided is if its hidden. You can make the strongest base, but if its not hidden it will get raided. Skybases are impossible to see since they do not render that high up making them last

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Everything about skybases is ridiculous, unbalanced, and generally unintuitive.

They shouldn’t even exist.


Allow me to disagree; overpowering gameplay or setting wanky mechanics that allows to do so, being intentional or not, can greatly derail projects from their originally intended idea (or at least what the game should be like) making it feel real cheesy (if you have a good taste on games OFC) or directly killing inmersion.

You think I’m wrong? Then ask to: CoD, CS, Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield… Basically many of the most known best sellers and “triple A’s” out there (despite I love Minecraft and I’d also buy some of these “best sellers”).

Let’s not go that far, then just…

Ask Unturned 3.0 if OP gameplay is a good idea.

hey guys heres my poll

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Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Emphasizing gameplay over realism means taking things that realistically would be OP and making them balanced for better gameplay

OP gameplay isnt good gameplay. Skybases arent good gameplay for example.

It’s not realism for the sake of realism, it’s realism for the sake of gameplay. Something that’s unintuitive and unbalanced like a castle so high it doesn’t even exist to players on the ground (because of rendering distances which are necessary for performance,) doesn’t help gameplay, regardless of whether or not you find it enjoyable.

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That the complete opposite of what I mean, I was just thinking that Nelson wouldnt add skybase just because it not realistic

I’m pretty sure everything for the sake of Everything is bad with a exception if it make the game good. Poi t made

Skybases don’t make the game good though -_- they are overpowered, and game breaking.

They’re only game breaking and overpowered if you have abusive admins

They are game breaking. Specially if said game is supposed to be a survival game.

And they are overpowered since if you have a claim flag, the only way you can even get in is with a rocket launcher and a way to get over the gap created by the claim flags.