Smacking People with guns

I don’t know if this was already suggested, But i’ll suggest it anyway. Making guns have a blunt or melee part to them. Normally with the guns in Unturned you shoot them and that’s it. They could be used for raiding or pvp. but i want to tackle another aspect of them, a blunt part. This would let them have a melee part to them. It would come in handy when battling zombies or enemy’s (meaning it would conserve ammo). It could have a 3 second stun affect on them cause they were hit. this would do around 10 or 5 damage to enemy or player (cause its the butt of a gun and doesn’t have to do so much dmg). If you get a headshot it could maybe do 15-20 dmg.

Of course, there would be a bad side to this, it would degrade every couple times you hit somebody. If you miss a hit, your fine and the gun doesn’t degrade.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions down below.

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Nelson has alredy confirmed this

take a look at all the other stuff on the trello aswell if you havent seen it :wink:

A) yes, it has been suggested quite a lot

B) implementing this would be incredibly easy.

  • As guns are not made for bashing people/zombies, melee with a gun would do substantially less damage than with a dedicated melee weapon, and should only be used as a last resort

  • In addition, the wear caused by such an attack would be focused heavily on specific parts (but far greater than the normal wear of firing a gun). Melee with larger firearms should damage the stock (or in absence of a stock, the receiver). Doing a pistol whip would damage the grip and potentially the receiver.

  • Bayonets would null this entirely as the bayonet takes the brunt of it but is also purpose designed for such a task. Bayonet charges being possible would be awesome, too.

  • Doing melee with a gun should not cause stun on zombies or other entities (unless we retain the spine hitbox of 3.0, then in that case only a spine hit would stun, and only for 1-2 seconds). It’s not supposed to be viable to pelt everything you see with the stock of your hunting rifle.


I agree with what you say in Point B, except for the last bullet. My reasoning is that a stun, mechanically, would make this feature useful.

As the damage output is so low and the wear on the weapon will be fairly high, there is little point in using a gun as a melee weapon when one will likely have a dedicated melee weapon. As such, bashing/whipping would be used as a ‘panic button’ when a Turned sneaks up on you and you don’t have time to put away your gun and take out your melee weapon. A stun (provided you hit the Turned in the head or spine) would buy you a second or two to take out your melee weapon at the cost of damaging your gun.

TL;DR: Melee using guns is a reaction and stunning by hitting with your gun would buy you time to pull out your knife while dealing little damage

But this is literally the point. You’re not supposed to use guns as melee. I intended for it to be the last second resort when a zombie is about to maul you and your magazine is empty, not a way for you to go around fighting large numbers of zombies.

I did also cover this.

As there is little point, you can’t go around using your gun as a melee weapon. You would do next to no damage. A stun just gives you a second or two to start pulling out your weapon or to run at the cost of damaging your gun. I get what you mean by not allowing players to run around smacking and killing zombies with their guns, since that would just make melee weapons useless. The stun would make it a last resort option to buy time at the cost of damage to your gun, provided you actually hit the zombie’s head or spine (Though how exactly you would hit the spine if it sneaks up on you and facing you is a bit of a mystery).

I also specifically mentioned the spine as it was a good idea that you had made.

exactly, which is why i said that it sometimes loses durability as you hit things

I’d like to point out that many WWII-era bolt-action rifles and even the Garand were designed in mind to be able to be used as close combat weapons, with most rifles being easily able to crush skulls with the stock.

Cool I think this could be used with the new gun holding stuff, like how if a zombie gets to close you would be shot locked for big rifles as the barrel couldn’t get to the zombie, so you would have to shove them off. I think knockback would be a good melee feature for 4 instead of just stunning zombies.


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