Small Suggestion for Unturned II

Hi! I noticed that there was going to be more electric powered items and stuff (kinda like redstone), lol. I wanted to suggest having Cameras in the game.

My idea of this is players craft the camera and place it somewhere on a wall and like a sentry, it moves left and right. Players could either have a station set up within a decent range of the camera where they can view the footage or have a tablet-like device that allows them to view.

I think the camera could be powered using Electricity or perhaps batteries.

Thanks and let me know what you think!

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Cameras have been suggested, the general consensus right now is mixed, and is leaning more towards no.

The actual problem with this is usability.

If the cameras have unlimited range, and you can use the tablet to check up on your house while you are half way across the map, this would be problematic,as they would instead be used to hide them in common looting locations so you know where people are on the map, and can swoop in for an easyish kill. No one would use them inside their base, as if you are far away and spot someone, you probably wont make it back in time to stop them (This is assuming raiding is similar to 3 in terms of time, which it most likely wont be but hey) And on top of that, if you placed them on the outside of your base people would just spot them and either avoid it or wait for you to leave.

If cameras had a set range (wired cameras or how security cams work irl) then no one would ever use them unless you had a truly massive base, because you would only be able to use it while inside of the base, and if you are inside you are either already dead or can hear where they are entering from and wouldnt gain much intel from knowing what exact corner their peeking.

TLDR: It would take time from the singular devloper to make a camera system, which would then pretty much not be used outside of RP if it wasnt unbalanced. Would be neat as a mod, and I would like to see it, the problem being that making this takes time away from other things that could be added.

One option would also energize a store to make a base on it and reuse the security cameras also add useful cameras to record times and then put in a frame.

Regarding your “Unlimited Range” response… This could be nerfed by only allowing cameras in a area with a claimflag. Another thing I forgot to mention was that the cameras will be flimsy. Not breakable with regular caliber guns but in relation to 3.0, not too many dragonfang shots would be needed to take it out.

If any argument is made to say this is OP, that can be backed up by discussing third person unturned, I know it seems unrelated but third person is so broken in 3.0 that it can be used to see around walls and go unnoticed.

My argument was mostly showing how this wouldn’t be used for bases, the “op” part was just talking about how this really can’t be balanced and has nothing to do with 3rd person, as the cheese part of it would be seeing if people were in an entire city by putting a cam on a hill far overlooking it or something like that.

The claim flag thing is okay but it doesn’t stop the fact that if you are in your base you can hear them and if you are away from the base it’s too late. It’s not too strong it’s just far too situational

Third person in Unturned II is almost certainly going to see some major overhauls to be made a lot less unbalanced.

I wouldn’t use that as a point to defend cameras.

Yeah. I thought about it before I made that point, lol.

Cameras would just be a fun minor addition in my opinion. I don’t see them getting very popular or being such a major in-game change. If it’s too much for Nelson, because I’d assume this would be more difficult to program than most things, i’d rather have him focus on the more important stuff

like chewing gum

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