Smarter zombies

It would be nice to have smarter zombies because in 3.0 they are too easy so what if zombies could climb buildings and if your in a vehicle they grab the door if you want to get away or that they could ruin the car so that the can break the glass and they could hit your car with weapons.


could hit your car with weapons.

without this allright

It would make it more fun but they can only have melee weapons (:

no… no same!

It makes very little sense that zombies would be smart enough to wield melee weapons.

However, I would agree that zombies in 3.0 are a joke difficulty wise.


Honestly it’s not that far out. I’ve seen plenty of games give zombies basic melee weapons.

Personally zombies with melee weapons is a yes from me.


Does it make any less sense for them to swing their fist at you when it’s empty, then when it’s wrapped around a baseball bat?

When I hear “melee weapon” I think of lots of crazier stuff. It’s hard to imagine zombies actually being able to properly use melee weapons, if anything they’d just awkwardly swing their arms about while holding them and do virtually the same amount of damage.

inb4 weeb samurai katana zombie

Well if a zombie is gripping a knife, I’m pretty sure that would do more damage when it swings at you trying to kill you.

It would probably hold the knife wrong or something, though, and a knife poorly and clumsily swung around by a zombie would be far less dangerous than a knife wielded by a human.


Yes but still, it would still be more dangerous than average zombies xd, plus imagine what would happen if a zombie had a pistol in its hand. Bullets would be flying everywhere xd, well until it runs out of bullets :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe these zombies could be the way you get weapons, well more often then finding them on the ground.

I think zombies should exclusively use firearms for meleing, (since players will be able to melee with them, the functionality will already be there.) I know it would only be a one in a million chance or whatever, but I’ll probably be killing millions of zombies, and the few of them that spawn with a Grizzly or RPG and somehow hit me would really ruin my day.

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Personally. I think zombies (or the infected) should’ve roaming around the area instead of idling in the 1 spot.

Also, regular zombies should have a a little bit of speed varieties. Some faster then others. Some slower.

No I was more of thinking small arms, like a revolver or glock ect. If they spawn with better weapons they should be hung with straps across their back or chest.

They will do that in 4.0

Ah damnit.

What 'bout horde of zombies randomly generated to walk pass marked locations?

Pretty sure that will happen as well XD, also zombies will be able to go across the entire map + will be more dangerous


What if, we added a new zombie type called “screecher” (it’s spawn rate is kinda like burners and flankers back in 3.0) and whenever it noticed you. It will do this “war cry” screaming. Which will alerts nearby zombies. Kinda like how a gunshot sound will alerts nearby zombies.

After death, you may already know that the body seizes up. So it’s not out of the question if someone was holding a knife in their final moments and that knife stayed with them through zombification.

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