Smartly dressed games "team"

I know that Nelson don’t have a team and stuff,and that he have rejected a offer to work on a small gamedeveloper.
I am afraid that he accepts one and loose freedom on making games or loose contact with the community .
So I got the idea:why not instead of entering other gamedev,SDG contract someone to be part of the official team. That is a lot of talent fans of unturned that would love to make part of SDG.


Most part of the talented community members already do some great things, the Russia collaboration with the M2M team and Sketches, Hawaii curated map, several accepted curated projects (currently), cosmetics/skins for the Stockpile and the Workshop crates, all the players reporting bugs/exploits, Rocket team etc. Not bad, I guess.


What @Oyamat said

But having hired developers would be a whole different story. Nelson could control the quality of what comes out of their hands and would be more aware of what would be going on throughout the process, unlike independent groups of modders who work in secret and only announce their stuff when it’s almost finished, or just talk about it without even starting and ending up cancelling all the shit up.

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