Snow Sparkle?

Anyone know how to enable the snow sparkle effect for specific materials.
As currently in the Config.json file you can add the line:
“Terrain_Snow_Sparkle”: true,
Which will enable the snow sparkle effect for all the terrain on a map, however I am needing a way for the effect to just be on the snow / ice, as I have a map which contains part snow and part grass.

iirc Snow Sparkle can be applied to something if you’re using Devkit Materials. You simply add a mask to the .asset file that belongs to the snow.

		"Name" "core.content"
		"Path" "assets/resources/bundles/landscapes/materials/yukon/snow_mask_00.png"

In Legacy I think all you do is mark the snow material as Snow in materials.

When I enable the Snowy option in the editor nothing changes. The whole terrain still remains sparkled.

I think this effect only applies for Devkit terrain then. Unless your willing to upgrade to Devkit then don’t bother with the sparkle.

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