So, any tips?


I’m still currently making that map, and apparently I didn’t know how to “properly” detail the environment. (Especially mountains, those are some bloody pain in the arse.)

So, really any tips and tricks on that would be really helpful. (Especially how-to-mountains.)

What I currently have done

This is what I’ve “originally” planned for the map’s riverside.

I noticed that the trees are rather bland, so I took another’s type of tree into it. (You don’t see it here, but I’ve also added some dead “pine” trees)
So here is what I’ve done.

(This looks too much like carpat. I might tweak all of the lighting in the future.)

Lemme know which one looks better in your opinion. Hell, I’d just make a poll outside.

I’m still on the burnout, so, I’dn’t be here for another while… After this of-course.

  • First one.
  • Second one.
  • I think (commented your suggestion).

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(Pictures are inside.)

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Were you trying to make a poll? If you were, you’d need to get rid of the “. [”

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That’s not actually user error, it’s caused by trying to put a poll inside collapsible details.

Move it out of the details if you want the poll to work

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Molton back at it with the godlike assistance.
I salute you good sire

Fixed that.

looks cool. I’m making a map as well, but taking my time on it. It’s kind of a personal project, really, slowly detailing places and stuff.

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