So now I'm having a guid problem with my material palette

My error log says that my guid needs 32 characters and 4 dashes, but I copied the guid the devkit face me.

I added the dash when trying to fix it.

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try generating the guid with the dashes instead of adding them in afterwards


With a website?

yes, works great

Ok thanks.

Well devkit got rid of the dashes when I pasted it in, but at least the error log is gone now. But now it doesn’t even randomize the texture. I think I have to remove the current texture in unity, or for make all my subfolders in my material palate folder have that.content in the assettype. Anyways, thanks.

I’m probably gonna make a tutorial when I find this out

classified(not showing to public)

"Use_Legacy_Ground": true,
"Has_Discord_Rich_Presence": true,
"Category": "Curated",
"Status": "NEW",
"Visible_In_Matchmaking": true,
"Should_Verify_Objects_Hash": true,
"Can_Use_Bundles": true

“Load_From_Resources”: false,

any problems with my config?

depends on what you want. Wouldn’t recommend putting curated unless you’re confirmed curated.

I copied the belgium one.

if you need help with configs I would recommend you to look at some of the other map’s configs

it doesn’t even seem like I need the load from resources part because I don’t see it in canyon arena which used the palate.

Devkit still deletes the dashes, and “Load_From_Resources”: false, or “Mode_Config_Overrides”: does anything. I don’t know what “Mode_Config_Overrides”: does.

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