So when did you guys started playing Unturned and why?

So I started playing Unturned on the 8th of August 2015 because of a german youtuber called Hirnsturz who recorded Unturned 2.0 gameplay and I wondered because of that when and why guys startet playing Unturned aswell


When Russia was added

The thread was last year, and is locked, so what’s your point?

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Maybe the fact that it has 75 votes and 30 comments.

Well this thread asks “why” and that thread didn’t so, too bad.

Too bad you didn’t even bother reading the messages on that thread before making that comment. weirdchamp

There was a poll on when, no “why” was mentioned, people probably said why on there own accord

In any case, OP can find multiple answers to his question. I simply pointed out an existing thread that covers it. No need to derail this one any longer.

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around 2014 i believe. if i remember correctly it was Youtuber called eNtaK and MeLikeBigBoom that got me it to this game. It was my first game for a long time. i really liked the simple zombie apocalyptic look of the game also the exploring of the world of unturned (btw i didn’t even know how to play whit anyone else in that time other than single player) yet i still loved it

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Right after Hawaii was added.

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where are those 1.0 veterans

August 27th, 2016. Around 1pm CST. That’s all I really remember. I played on PEI

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I started playing Unturned about 5 years ago (August 2014), although my steam account says it was in 2016, I lost my first steam account, and only created another one in 2016.
I started playing after I saw a Youtuber BR called VenomExtreme playing.

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somewhere late 2014-early 2015, but I was completely confused and couldn’t connect enough brain cells to figure out the game until 3.0 was moved to the main branch.


I am going to stay on topic proposed by the thread’s author and collaborate.
I believe to have started playing unturned during early access, early 2016. My older cousin introduced me to the game at that time, and it felt like it was fun due to the “expended” survival aspect, weaponary, vehicles and architecture, since I haven’t exactly played many games until that time. I have been occasionally playing it ever since, but I am not exactly in a position to go around and say that I have many hours on that game.

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Well thanks for that I guess…

I honestly don’t remeber.
Mid to late-ish 2.X was the first time I tried it, started playing regularly in very early 3.X.
Saw it in a SeanNanners video, couldn’t afford DayZ so I thought why the hell not.

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2014 i saw pewds play it

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Don’t recall him ever touching it…?