Some 4.0 Suggestions?

these are my opinions about how 4.0 should be made. i hope you like them and think about it.

The Unreal Engine
We can see most of the games made with unreal engine has performance problems. Or they are just optimized for amd. But most of the players use Nvidia graphics card so it is gonna be hard for their computers. Im not talking for myself, i have a gtx 730 and with the help of LowSpecGamer i can have 40-50 fps in Ark:Survival Evolved but unreal engine games are terrible with optimization and i don’t recommend it. And im not sure about this but my unreal engine experiences showed me that lightning needs to be baked, if it needs to be baked and you add day/night cycle it should be a death for computers.

I don’t recommend unity so much neither but i think its a much better game engine compared to unreal engine. The unity developers screwed something up the optimizations a little bit. You could just use the old versions of the unity.

Self Made Engine
I think this should be best for both optimizations and gameplay. If you make a custom game engine there are no limits. And you don’t even need to make 3d models, you could just add 4 points and join them together and BOOM! you got yourself a human head. Its low poly graphics style and pixelated textures makes it much easier for you to make it into a game engine. You don’t have the limitations of unity, you dont have the bad optimizations of unreal engine or you don’t need to learn c++ for unreal. everything is in your hands.

I don’t think there should be a way to disable shadows, because when people disable the shadows they can see lights behind the walls if you open shadows on light source. But both unity and unreal is bad for this job, so i think you should make the game engine idea first.

So, these are my ideas for Unturned 4.0, i hope you like them because this would be the best for the Unturned community.


I think you got the wrong idea for a ‘self-made’ engine.
Or maybe game engines in general. :confused:


Alright, let me start with this.

Going to Unreal may indeed kill people’s FPS, but when you mention you have a GTX 730, that is natural since that card came out four years ago. Most people’s PC’s can’t really run Unturned currently because they have such abysmal specs, I can assure you that most kids who play this game are saving up for a gaming PC and are currently playing on their old crappy laptops with i3’s and Intel Integrated Graphics. Not to mention that going into Unreal poses the risk that it delays 4.0 since Nelson is going to have to get used to the new engine, but that’s only my speculation.

Now, for Unity, people like to hate on this engine because it’s the poster child for most bad games, whenever you open up some weird 3D Flash-game, you will usually be presented with the Unity logo, mentioning that the game was made in Unity. This isn’t the case with Unturned, and with quite a few really good games out there. You know what else was made in Unity? Rust. Which is a pretty good game if you ask me. Kerbal Space Program was also made on Unity, now I may not have played it, but most people say that it’s pretty fun.

Next up, the Self Made engine, now I may not be the one to judge Nelson’s capabilities, but think about it, Unturned is an incredibly big game, so making it’s own engine --could-- be beneficial, but it would be suicide for his schedule, he would have to put aside time on planning or working on the game’s codes and visuals, just to work on the engine that could end up being less powerful than either Unity or Unreal. So I wouldn’t really recommend this path.

And lastly, Lighting…?
So you mentioned that you shouldn’t be able to disable shadows because “when people disable the shadows they can see lights behind the walls if you open shadows on light source” which I cannot even understand. And then you mentioned that both Unity and Unreal are bad at this job…? Hold on, I did not just read that Unreal is bad at lighting. Please tell me I did not read that. Did you even research before writing this? Because saying Unreal is bad at lighting as akin to saying that if I jump off this cliff, I’m not going to die.

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Maybe a seperate reloading system for many other guns to come and could be used to revamp some shotguns.

It is listed in the Unturned 4.0 Wishlist Trello.

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Well damn said there man. First person i’ve seen use some sense. Also for all the people saying Unity can’t make good looking games look at this game Also anyone even wanting to be able to talk about Unity and how “bad” it is at least needs to watch this video

Oh and here is a list of popular Unity made games its just the fact bad games have that logo of Unity when they start because they are using free version. Good games don’t use the free version who people think of Unity as bad because they its more easy to use so most bad game devs use it.

Temple Run Trilogy
Kerbal Space Program
7 Days to Die
Temple Run 2
SUPERHOT (also great in VR)
PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist (though i didn’t like it but you get what i mean)
and a SHIT TON more

yea you get the point all of these games use the paid version of so you don’t think of Unity as a good game Engine because you don’t see the Unity title on good games

Oh also have a look at Suggestion: Stay on Unity i ranted some more here


Sadly you can not down-vote stuff on this forum


indeed :confused: would be dope

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Very dope.

i think that the 4.0 in a visual aspect doesn’t have any changes(the 3.0 grafiques are good we just want some upgrades that’s all)and in a interaction aspect we need more inprovement(citerns water canons on fire trucs the capacity to put a defibril ambulances interior like whith a integred gun rack/having cables to make the radius of a generator go farest(by using an electricity distributor to make power of the generator go out)etc…(i’ve got a lot of ideas and really like to know the community impressions about those idea.:slight_smile:
and it’s very important to talk about BUG and specially whith the hotkeys MACOSX bug(MACOSX users can not use unturned hoteys from 1 to 9 and canot use admin cameras)

…wat? the fork?..

fork? @xdlewisdx

I think that when a player has a consumable equipped, they should hold down their mouse key to choose how much to eat/drink.

The food/drink items should also work on a milliliter and gram system

For example, when you want to be efficient about your supplies, you could just take enough of what you need,
not literally drown in a 2 liter water bottle, like you do in UT 3.

So it whoud be nice to see something like a tazer in unturned.For an example it can have 1 shot only and has limited close range and when fierd a person cant move anything for 2 sec.Now some of my friends tought it was too op but i can upgrade my skill (for an example Toughness) so it lasts 0.5 sec and not 2sec.Also i whoud like to see like a Truck where if i find it i can have in it like a supply of soup or bottled water. One more thing shut down all of theese shit FREE UNTURNED HACK sites bc i cant play from hackers.I know you have battleeye but hacks slip trough.THanks for reading this and if you can reply.Luv ur game

From my own knowledge with the engine, the light has to be baked, but it also supports realtime shadows and stuff so day/night cycles shouldn’t be a problem. Fortnite uses this but it’s not the best example because they made their nights really bright in order to be able to see things.

Maybe you can add when a bomb explodes it can dent the ground a little

No more lag when you try to climb up something that is slanted or when you are on a car that is moving or any thing that rubber bands you like that. You can even add if you are on a car it won’t lag you off.

I lost you when you said making your own engine. Which would take 4 years. And there will be limitations.

what? unreal isn’t bad, and I don’t think you have the right idea about engines anyway, I dont know much about them myself but I kniw that making one isn’t easy and unreal is definitely better than unity.

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