Some community problem i want to talk about.could be wrong cuz i may missed something.plz leave comment below

this problem is quite hard to deal with but obvious

is that the whole community are…almost completely keep the way shut to each other.

like as i saw, there’s tons of developers/creations are getting ignored by people. such as Metro 2033 Map(you cannot find it by searching now.the arthor are КОТЯРА he is also the person who gives community thermal camera example pack).

the map it self are super detailed and massive.i know the NPC text are russain may cause people not really wants to play’s just good enough to get play with.

and this reminds me some other mods/maps getting ignored by people who just basically only plays on vanilla/unturnov server with some simple plugin(no offense,it is fun.but it may gets too much attention)

back then i thought was game are just dying but turns out it’s not.i mean, for real.just look at subs on Elver and maps comes after.the players are still there.even till now i still got some friends didnt play Elver and others yet(and still glad to see nelson brings attention to 3.0 community back then. this really saves the game)

This means there’s still had a bring this game alive again.
I guess this is why Animatic makes Summer MapJams comes back.just maybe.but some good things is hard to make is such short time.even for some creator that had some experience on just hard.for people who never done such things.hope there’s will have an nice result.

i may could be ignored something or goes wrong.if you guys have any idea plz comment below

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A lot of people play singleplayer, some are first-time players (there is a lot of them since the game is free). A big portion of community just straight-up doesn’t care about all the curated maps, since they are heavy, change a lot of stuff and filled with quests, which no longer interest people.

There is also a lot of people who just gave up on the game, as they were waiting for 4.0 for so long and now it got put on hold for an unspecified amount of time.

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also the most video you can see are almost vanilla experience.there’s no much Unturned main youtuber/tiktoker are getting pop.which is quite sad cuz this may brings game get pop for few times

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