Some ideas for gameplay

Hello, Nelson. Thank you for your choice (Unreal Engine 4). Now we will have optimized game.

I have some ideas for new version

  1. Footstep - When players run or walk they do steps. This steps will cleared for 5 minutes.
  2. Normal Modding.
  3. New objects
  4. Optimize GAME!
  5. More animals for hunting.
  6. New zombies who more clever!

I just wasted 10 seconds my life reading this post (just kidding my dude), by footsteps do you mean footprints?

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ça ressemble à un Français qui souhaite parler Anglais ça!

Nelson hasn’t confirmed if he is using Unreal 4 or not, he was just testing.

Footsteps - going to assume you mean footprints here, but yeah, these could only be visible in snowy maps.

Normal Modding - What?

New Objects - That’s a given, obviously there are going to be new objects made.

More Animals - Depending on the location of the map (most probably PEI) we could see some cool animals like foxes perhaps.

Clever Zombies - Yep. Zombie AI as of now is pityful, just run out of a city, wait for them to turn around and smack them in the back of the head with a rake.


I assumed that too. I was also thinking vehicles could do something similar in snow, and maybe footprints / tire prints also appear for a bit after going from water to sand? :thinking:


I want foodprints on grass, dirt, sand and snow. It can help you to find another player)

Nice idea, and I think not just players, zombies, vechiles and animals should left their prints, too!

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