Some legal issues


So I’ve been think about something about the steam workshop. Publishing stuffs and whatnot.
The problem is, there’s 1 teenie-tiny problem I’ve faced. And by the name of this discussion. I think you know what it is.

So, the steam subscriber agreement rules are very VERY, long. as it should be for a company that size. And in there are the rules and agreement for the workshop. Which I still cannot wrap my head around.

So what if you make a content, and then you published it to steam workshop, then someone decides to copy your work. (maybe adjust it a little) without your permission, is that legal? Since steam allowed it’s “affiliates” to modified your work williy-nilly.

And what if my work is based on someone’s else idea, but Instead of copying their work, I’d just make stuffs up based on that idea from scratch to make it fitted with where I’m published it to (Example. Making an item from another game into Unturned’s mod or making a “Disney” doll into a cosmetic in Unturned.). Is that legal?

fair use is a thing, so yes, they can use parts of your models. Just reuploading it without any changes, no.

If you don’t use any trademarked names, then yes, you can “base your work on someone else’s idea” without licensing.

So they can use “parts” of my model, but not all of it?

(Example, If I make a rake, they can added another rake into that rake, but not published just the original rake. Yes?)

Also, I take the word “affiliates” as in, Steam’s other ally companies. Not people using steam. Is that right?
And those people whom just edited the .dat file and reuploaded it, is that allowed too?

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