Some random concepts to game

For now the post is clear cuz it was just a CRUMP OF COKE :slight_smile:

this formatting gives me an aneurysm and most of the ideas here are weird (getting a job in the apocalypse to make money??? what.)

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Well, time to put a couple of hours of my life to form a proper response to this. So whoever is reading this, strap in It´s gonna be a long one

1. Outbreak Mode

-if you work so that wouldnt be a pointles routine but you could earn money to buy stuff (intile the world turn 180 degree) that could help to your survival fatigue.

How I understand this is that If you work (some sort of a job I think) you would earn money, and use that money to buy stuff (e.g. Furniture, Recreational Items, etc.). The stuff you would buy would help you relax in a way. (?)
If I understand this correctly then It doesn´t make any sense to me. Unturned II is supposed to be an Apocalypse Survival game. I guess If you really wanna make it like Life RP, then there is always mods, plugins and mainly dedicated servers that some people would 100% create.
(If I understood this differently than it was meant to be understood, then fell free to correct me)

-as a tutorial or disebal that option(being as a start to play on map).

… I honestly have no idea what to make of this.
I will assume that you mean an in-game tutorial sort of thing. This would be cool as It could even be a start to a more proper storyline. I´m gonna put an example here :
You wake up in you house/appartment, and get ready to go to your 9-5 job. On the way back to you home, the virus outbreak happens and suddenly there is chaos everywhere. You crash your car and pass out.
Suddenly you wake up and its already dusk, everything around you is trashed, you see burning buildings in the distance and then a zombie starts running at you. You have to pick up a pipe that´s on the ground and fight off the zombie…

Something like this could happen the first time you start the game. This would introduce you to the basics as well as establish a start to the story.

-you could choose where you live on map it could your strategic skill for example :if you was living close to bookshop that you could loot for knowledge (or entertainment) but from galery so that was disvaantange cuz you would waste time to go and risk your own life if you chose to loot more.

Again, don´t really know how to interpret this. I guess If there was a different skill system in Unturned II you could gain knowledge points and level up like that or something.
That´s all I can really take form this.

2. Zombie variants and behaviours

Nelson if i remember said obout organic mob so what if zombies could get infected from those areas and change by stages (like in tlou) and have befenits and disavantanges.Stages also could change way they move,behave,grown armor or have if the had like vest lying on them,attack diffrent ex.charge at you or hide and attack from suprise,have some documments from old world about them,holding some items in there hans like knife that could attack or throw it ofcourse being not to op in slow time (some of them with hammer that are stronger) or non weapons such as canister that could you shot or take it.

Zombie stages are an interesting topic that could probably be it´s own discussion. So I´m gonna make it short (or at least try).
I don´t think that they should have stages like in TLoU. Unturned was always more on the simple side of things. However you could have a bit more diversity with the zombies. As for them wearing armor that they had previosly… We already have that.
About the whole zombies holding weapons or throwing them. That´s a big no-no in my opinion. Zombies are supposed to be these (un)dead, mindless, walking husks of their previous self. So having them hold a weapon like a knife, hammer or even a brick and having them use it against you nevermind throwing it at you, is just not a good fit for this game.

3. Melee combat and weapons

-you could kick or use own knee to push/kill them

A proper pushing away mechanic would be really nice to see. Doesn´t even have to be kicking, just pushing the zombie away from you with your hands.

-double kick jump+kick=doublekick.

This is not going to be a fighting game, and as much as I hate using the “It´s not realistic” argument, It does apply here. These kinds of things are just not a good fit in my opinion.

-grab them from back (you can free yourself by clicking left button on mouse or kicking the enemy from behind).

Just go find the discussion about executions. You´ll see of lot of arguments against this kind of thing

-bitting as a savage way to attack but dont try that on zombies.

I don´t think that this is a needed feature. I mean let´s be honest, how often would someone use this feature to do actual damage.

-attacks from 4 ways that could be done left,right,down and up.

You mean like a left hook, right hook kinda thing. Again, don´t think this is a needed feature, but I wouldn´t be against it if it was added.

-parts of weapons can be upgrade f.e. rake having 3 parts head,shaft and grip.

More weapon customization is 100% needed in Unturned II. We can already see this on guns so why not melee weapons as well? Definitely Nelson needs to focus on the makeshift side of things.

-boost for weapon f.e. a alcohol with cloth that if its lit remein for 15-20s and give a flame effect.

Would be interesting to see how this would work. Don´t really know what more to say about this.

Well that´s all that I managed to pull from my brain.


Well i didn’t thought that some folks would respond.I admit that i screw up mostly 90% or more of that post.I wanted to make it more undenstarbale for others but i was brainded maybe i should deleit it and make more redible and easy to understand thanks to you and other for critizazing mine suggestion because i should put more time in it and i not gonna lie that some of them are well let say “complicated” or “advance” combat. Also poorly described so i thank you for your opinion (also great respons dude)

Well i wanted to describe it bettwr but i was lazy but now post is clear i gonna rewrite from junk to better then this

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reminds me of this

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