Some random suggestions on various things that probably will not be considered but deserve to be suggested (in my opinion)

-Alcoholic beverages and alcohol can sterilize wounds by decreasing infection.
-Different degrees of bleeding, a stab will not make you bleed so much than a sword or electric saw, small bleeds can be easily stopped with small bandages large cuts need better bandages.
-At some times of the year we can find different berries and some trees bear fruit.
-As well as plants we can see different animals at different times of the year with more diverse game animals, in winter it is not possible to find berries in the nature and only we see few animals (I recommend to eat natural things conserving canned for the winter).
-Alcoholic beverages have the same effect as morphine in their eyesight gets blurred the same as when we eat berries in 3.0
-Domestic electrodes such as micro waves that do the same as the stove but using electricity instead of gas.

      Aesthetic details that can be enabled and disabled to not interfere with performance.

-When we are going to knock down a tree we see the cuts on the trunk.
-In the cold we can see a smoke coming out of the character’s mouth illustrating cold.
-When a player is killed by a zombie we see the zombies squatting on the body for a while.


I feel like this right here would not be able to fit the artstyle

It’s something like the transparent smoke coming out of the car exhaust.

on a character with mostly closed mouths that never move or change?

Yes it’s just an effect in several online games and single player we see this even with the mouth closed,Besides that also comes out of the nose “ah but the characters do not have a nose” is a game is just a simple aesthetic detail if they have no nose or breathe with the mouth open what does not happen or die,Yes they have same nose that can not be seen by the artistic style does not make less sense than to eat with closed mouth (put food in the mouth with it closed)

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guitar solo

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: , I just went to understand after searching

These two are literally the only ones I agree with

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Umm, these few things are VERY LIKELY to be added, why do you think they wont?


Instead of super tiered bleeding you could just have a small wound system, with melee with turned and animals giving you minor cuts that increase susceptibility to infected wounds, and bruises increasing the damage you take from melee. This would allow for early game turned to be fairly weak in terms of their lethality (because a dude wailing on you with his fists with poor form wont exactly kill you that fast) while also allowing fights to snowball out of control as the more bruised you get the more damage you start taking.

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I dont think you should need a better bandage to stop the bleeding from a bigger wond, you should just have to use multiple bandages to stop bigger bleeds

And i really like the idea of having smoke coming out of the players mouth when in low temperatures

But Im pretty sure most of this is planed alredy

Everyone here agreeing with smoke coming out of the character’s mouth and i’m just here like

It’s not smoke.


im not sure why everyone is stuck on the smoke i think there are some great ideas that can add alot of detail and improve the game

It’s p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y because all of these have been suggested before.
Except for the cuts on trunks & the “smoke”.

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