Some small 4.x suggestions

New Menu :
I think a new menu would be nice at least a change to the barn a more opend outside view maybe like a campground whit some threes or a lake surrounding it, some thing like that. I think it would look nice whit the new graphics.

Secondarys on ladders :
as the title says using pistols,knifes on ladders so we have the chance equality to fight or protect our ourselves on ladders

Ty for reading and what you think ? comment below.


I like the first one, maybe with differing backgrounds, the second one not as much.


I suggested something similar to this, but not quite…
I suggested the player be able to move around in the barn and able to customize it with your skins. Walking to the barn’s main gate will give you the options of playing in SP or MP. Other doors will lead to the inventory and the settings. Exit is always the “Esc” button

As for the second suggestion, it has already been suggested several times


Ohh nice ! i realy like this one.

I think the menu should be with movement, and different menus everytime you open the game, like the loading screen, one menu can be in a forest part, other in the beach, other in a base building, stuff like that.
And about the ladder, i think that you will be able to use it, but you wont be able to climb.

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