Some things I would like to see from 2.0

There are a few things I think were sorely missed from 2.0 that would be great to see in 4.0.
:black_medium_small_square: Darker Palate
I don’t mean more browns and grays, I just
mean generally darker colors and darker
:black_small_square: scoped ace
:black_small_square: harder zombies
Mainly a larger detection radius and removal
of stun.
And that’s it, as far as I know!

  • Darker colors and nights. This feature is already made possible, but it’s up to any map creator to tune their map’s color scheme. Imo I like the 3.0 scheme more.
  • Scoped Ace sounds pretty…broken? The Ace wouldn’t have any rail on its top thus not being able to mount any sight attachment at all. (Except for one case, whereas you can get an exclusive scoped Ace from Doc Ernie on the Liberator carrier in Russia in 3.0)
    Secondly, and mainly, I personally find it kinda pointless to mount a scope to a handgun, purely due to their ineffectiveness over any extended range. But we’ll see how it goes into 4.0.
  • Harder zombies, in regards to ‘a larger detection radius’ and ‘removal of stunn’ is also, already achievable in Unturned 3.0.

1.It s up to the map creators
2.Ho…how?The scope can t be attached to anything
3.Harder zombies?Try hard mode.No stun they are just way harder to kill.

Gave @LcATD a like because I agree with their stance for the most part, but I think it’d be good for readers of this suggestion to also remember that just because stuff is possible doesn’t mean it’s all hunky-dory like that. Base game default normal settings should always be the preferred settings.

If normal difficulty was “Easy” difficulty settings, normal was “Hard,” and a new easier setting was the actual “Easy” then people would complain that the game is too easy, and for good reason.

Of course that scenario involves certain games features not being used at all, but the point of the analogy is that would be something I think most of us would dislike.

The above applies to any post suggesting difficulty-related changes, or even some map design changes and new additions. Just because Workshop could do something doesn’t mean vanilla always shouldn’t.

Now, this suggestion is for Unturned 4.x and not Unturned 3 anyways, so it’s also a good time to experiment with the feel of the game. Maybe Nelson wants to keep Unturned 3 more casual-feeling and make Unturned 4.x gloomy. Dunno.

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different types of shotgun ammo and make it like in 2.0

Crafting system from 2.0

No invisible barriers of towns so when you will leave location they will still follow you

Map looking from 2.0 (they was looking bigger)

Bigger range of guns like in 2.0 (you could shoot from timberwolf across the map)

No sky limit

Maps looking more glorious

You can put any sight attachment on any gun (ducktape will always help :slight_smile: ) like in 2.0 you could put any attachment on anything

24x scope.

Item transfering across the maps and servers

Those are all my ideas I hope they will work very well

Doesn’t sync still work, even though no server seems to use it? :thinking:

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Jesus, 3 month necro?

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