Some things missing from U3 that should be in U4

Unturned is a pretty good game, but there are some things that should be in Unturned 2, here are some suggestions:
-Looped music in menu
-A mini map or something similar
-Harder to find guns, making makeshift weapons more common
-Better base materials building instead of just wood and metal
-Powerful guns doing more damage, an example of this is that the strongest snipers in Unturned cant one shot headshot kill people if they have a helmet and the other things. In U4, a powerful sniper headshot should instakill no matter the gear
-Harder to raid and promote online raiding (go to SwissPatriot to see his vid on this)
-Zombies actually posing a threat
-Massive maps
-Make navigating the server screen easier
-Better optimization (I know pretty much in game but who cares)

Most of these are really agreeable and good but…

This would be incredibly unfun. The actual way to fix this is to have tiers of armor that are better than eachother, unlike in 3.0, where you go no helmet>construction helmets and the like>military helmet. There should be snipers distinctly better than other snipers, (which would be harder to get than the worse ones) This way you could have “tier one” snipers two shotting “tier 1” helmets, with tier 2 snipers one shotting people with tier 1 helmets etc, so that tier 3 snipers would two shot people with tier 3 helmets.

I dont know about you but I dont want to play for 3 hours straight gearing up, only to be shot in the head once from a guy I never saw and lose all of the progress. Yes one shot kills are “hardcore” but it doesnt mean its a fun game mechanic. No gun should one shot a fully geared player.



WOuld be neat for if it was still PVP based, maybe this could work?

While I understand this I’ve always preferred rusts way of doing things where everything is makeshift but there is a god tier nonmakeshift version to find. This might not work for unturned but I can dream.

Why would we need this? I don’t see a need for more building materials other than looks. Maybe 3 tiers with one below wood for shit shacks but thats about it for me chief

yeah no, read what @anon67155151 put

Already suggested and probably implemented

Already suggested and probably implemented

If the playercap is high enough for it

Already suggested and probably implemented


that moment when it’s clear OP made virtually zero prior research on UII before making this post


But seriously, the others have already covered most of what I was going to say. This post makes far too many assumptions about UII and also has very irritatingly oversuggested ideas.


but but… looped menu music…

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