Something Im working on

Considering all of that will be salvageable, that’s not quite a good idea

More debris needed

Plus if these get destroyed they will never come back.

@GreatHeroJ @anon95004049 @Harvest @tehswordninja so basically all of you are saying it was a bad idea and I should get rid of it.

Well, while your intention was creative, this would be a bad idea given someone could take the building materials for their own base, which doesn’t exactly make sense

yeah… If I want to keep it I guess Ill just have to hope people dont salvage it. Also, you cant salvage it on a server so if someone runs this on a server well… I dunno XD

I didn’t say that, you can build whatever you like, I probably won’t use anything in the workshop very much either way.

huh, okay cewl xd. I think ima listen to your guys advise. maybe replace the buildables with nornals objects… somehow T-T

Have you seen my map in the forested areas?

As others said, the main issue is that the base is salvagable. I think the trees are fine, actually they are not that much.
You should test if it’s possible to salvage stuff while in a safezone, and maybe add npc’s to the locations idk (jus an idea). There should be in the devkit a volume that doesn’t allow people to build in it, maybe it works also the other way around and it could prevent players from salvaging.

Single player safe zones allow some “building” (for example placing and claiming beds) but multiplayer does not. Haven’t tested extensively.

No unfortunately, I haven’t been on computer so I haven’t really looked around.

I think I may have tried that before, and yes, objects can be salvaged in safezones. Unless Nelson changed it. I dunno, I think I tried it out when magazines were first added. Or when I dropped a nuke into the hawaii safezone. Good times.

What about that volume that doesn’t allow players to build in it? Can’t remember its name but maybe that also work to disable salvaging

That volume is just the safezone node, which can have building privileges (and weapon privileges) toggled on and off.

As Aj said, you can salvage things inside safezones.

Is that the same that’s in germany after you use the teleport? The one that was added to the game to avoid players to block the teleport arrival with traps and sentries?

Edit: Nvm I tested the safezone from the regular editor and I see what you mean. There are 3 new options, the two you said and a new i have no idea whats needed for (height). Anyway yea you can still salvage stuff even if the no buildings option is on so I guess that the OP should find another way.

The height setting turns a circular (cylindrical) safe zone into a spherical one.

I use this on my map where one safe zone is under other terrain which is excluded from the safezone, to hide it from players who pass over it, at the wrong height. Without this setting, a safezone could be detected by flying through them in aircraft.

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I still wonder about how in Germany, there is an area that doesn’t allow players to build on after you use the teleport to get in the castle… Kinda sure it’s not a safezone but I could be wrong

Just tested this in my small test map.

You can set a safezone to be “No buildables” which prevents a player from placing new structures etc, but one can still salvage any already (map editor) placed structures from the zone.

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