Something wierd happened to me before releasing Germany map

Photo this photo appeared in my library before releasong germany map. It shows nelson on a hill. idk what happened but this appeared whan I closed game. You can look it on my Profile in screenshots. Can somebody send me reply what happened or send it to nelson and maybe he can answer me personally. :grinning:

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Sorry I forgot to change caregory.

This is obviously faked. It’s not even Nelson’s plaid shirt (not even a plaid shirt at that), low resolution and 23 fps. I VERY highly doubt that this is real. You’re not fooling anyone.

This has been posted by several community members, from what I heard it is a screenshot made by Nelson with 4k resolution or something like that, still I’m not really sure about that.

Also, Nelson has it’s own hoodie.


I’m using different resolution you have there my screenshot library link. On every screenshot there will be different resolution and colors of HUD :kissing_heart:

I don’t have any hoodie looking like that one in my inventory

He wasn’t implying that you faked it. He was talking to Haribo.

Oyamat is right though. This has been posted multiple times.


Ok but still. It’s wierd, isn’t it?