Special setting to disable the reputation counter

I propose to make a special setting for servers to turn off the reputation counter.


Why tho. I can’t think of any good reason to do that.

Reputation pop up is only good as a kill indicator. For servers/gamemodes that have other ways of showing it, it is pretty useless and possibly ruin the immersion of the custom server. I have been thinking about the same suggestion recently and I would love to see it being togable, because I dont see why not


On some maps, having positive rep is important to use npcs or finish the quest line and I imagine it gets pretty annoying not being able to really fight anyone


@P9nda Amazing idea! Now I can slaughter greenskins and the VDV on mass using a sportshot, chewing gum, and several copium tanks crafted from the 2,000 chemicals I found in a wooden shit shack and get away with it. Thanks for the fun idea!

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Yeah, I also don’t like my enemies to know when I bleed to death.

perhaps the “Hide” function would be useful in case of using :nerd_face:

This feature will be useful for many RP and Survival RP servers.It will also be useful for vanilla servers that show themselves as a survival and not a PvP server.

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