Special zombie idea: Shrieker

One idea i had was some kind of shrieker zombie what would alert other zombies near by if detects a player, they would spawn more rarely than the other zombies and could be interesting to fight against when clearing out an area.


So, a nerfed Screamer from Dying Light?


Haven’t really gotten into dying light yet

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Genuinely good game, you should play it sometime.
Screamers in Dying Light are much more potent, as they can disorient the player’s vision and stun them, effectively rendering them unable to defend themselves. The player will also continuously take low but progressive damage while within the screaming range.
It’s worth mentioning that they’re also children, and using a special action to subdue them makes the player cradle the screamer in their arms, calming it down to crying like before startled, before proceeding to snap its neck.

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ah i see, yeah that seems like what im going for, tho they probably wouldn’t be a baby zombie lol

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Maybe what you’re looking for is the siren from Killing floor, Doesn’t alert zombies because of the nature of the game but it sort of waddles towards you and screams when you’re close enough, Does a fair bit of dmg, distorts vision, and can also blow up grenades and rockets with it’s scream, but I think that’s a little far fetched lol

An idea for it’s attack could be that if it spots you- it’ll run at an extremely fast speed and then scream. The scream will distort your vision- randomly generating a number between 1-6 fake zombies with a slight blur around them, while alerting real zombies to the fray. The fake zombies fade away after a short period of time. The screamer- after screaming (if he survives), flees, alerting more zombies the further he goes.

This can be a clever way of playing mind games with the player by integrating fake zombies, requiring them to be perceptive in spite of the distorted vision, while also adding in a little new zomboidertin jr. to fight.

I don’t support the baby idea because 12 y/o’s would cry at having to snap their own necks in a video game- though it makes them feel what the rest of humanity does.

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