Specialised Crafting Stations

In 3.0, the common way of getting items is looting. This is a core part of gameplay, however I’d like to see more specialised ways of crafting items. Once the player has a reasonable sized base and has ways of getting food and drinks easily, they can think about setting up proper facilities for producing and manufacturing specialised items, for a more self-sufficient way of gameplay, by means of specialised “crafting stations”. Crafting certain, more advanced items would require these crafting stations.

These would be craftable and placeable, requiring lots of items to make. Among these types of crafting stations, there would be:

  • sawmills, for creating furniture and more advanced and specialised wooden items

  • Looms/spinning wheels/sewing machines, for creating carpets, rugs, and more advanced, practical, and better looking clothing

  • Weapon (stands?) These would be fairly hard to craft, requiring a shitload of stuff to make em. Perhaps these could be used for makeshift rifles and rifle clips/ammo, to overtake 3.0’s means of creating makeshift arms

  • Brewing Barrels/Kegs/Tables- these could be used for creating alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and liquor, giving you warmth and an energy boost

  • Hydroponics Labs- these could be a self-sufficient way to create crops, without needing to be watered, and able to grow inside, as well as the traditional outdoor crop, which requires water and sunlight.

  • Kitchens- These would just be built with different parts, with different sections you could build on, and heavily customiseable, you could add sinks, ovens, stoves, fridges/ice boxes, and counter tops. These would just be for making better, more specialised, nutritious meals, requiring electricity and/or gas power.


I think that could overtake 3.0’s “crafting tiers” (Crafting I, II and III) with a more functional and flexible system.

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I’ve always been opposed to crafting stations for certain kind of items, I much more prefer the system that minecraft has where it limits you from progressing too quickly by making sure all the items needed can only be found at points in the game where you could get them. Rust system is like the exp one we have currently but with a physical workbench and that kinda works too…?
Good suggestion tho

While this has vaguely floated around in Nelson’s Trellos, I do think it needs more discussion.

I very much like the idea of various advanced stations being required for crafting advanced things. Perhaps they could also give somewhat of a more passive bonus, for example the sawmill simply being used to process wood more efficiently than any hand saw could.

There is a balance to be found, though. I do not wish to turn this into Terraria, where every base has like 30 different stations, or Rust, where 100% of your progress is tied down specifically to your base (making it suck that much harder if/when you get raided)


What I’d want is that you don’t really need stations in order to do something, rather, you’d be able to do it anyways, but a station would just make it faster and easier.

I do think this would be very nice, gives your base more to it than just storing your stuff in it and gives more to the progression of the game, like you would need a forge to melt and cast metalls and a workbench for assembling bullets

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yeah, that’s what i was going for

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These things are storage devices, though I guess if there were a use for ice, you could craft it from water using those first ones. As for crafting firearms, lockwork/trigger mechanisms could be made at a tinkering station (which could also be used for clockwork and locks), making barrels would require metal working equipment (like a forge with an anvil, slack tub, and powered hammer or a machine tool with tooling to cut or press rifling into the barrel) carving stocks and fitting the components together (if the parts are not fully interchangeable) could be done at a basic work bench with a clamp using chisels, dremels, files, and such.

Just wanted to say that this is a great idea. Using crafting times and stations to craft seeds into harvests is a far more elegant solution than just saying that “crops should be effected by season/weather/the map’s climate and should somehow be protected by using a greenhouse or covered planter.”

I think instead of one modular “kitchen” crafting station, most of these should be standalone crafting stations, and multiple nearby crafting stations should be accessible at a time, just like they were in earlier versions of Unturned.

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that’s kind of what I meant for the “modular kitchen” thing, it was just poorly worded


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