Sponsoring Youtube channels

I think sometime near or after 4.0 is released Nelson should sponsor some Youtube channels for some advertising. Maybe even regular Youtube ads. Sponsoring someone like Pewdiepie would seem pretty easy, Nelson is one guy making a game with a dlc and market. Money wouldn’t be an issue. Some Youtubers may have played the game before. Pewdiepie is again, an example. If Nelson advertised the game, we would see a probably see a large increase once 4.0 is released. So more money for Nelson.:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

So you want even more kids in this community? Cool.


Ah man, I didn’t even think about that.:frowning_face:
delet post

I doubt that Nelson would do that just to earn more money, but having even more players wouldn’t be a bad thing.


I agree with this. let Nelson sponser the video to Pewdiepie to have tons of players get in and enjoy the game. but again…

Pewdiepie actually played and made fun of the game in 2.0 so skip that

Have someone like LevelCap or Jackfrags sponsor it (doubt it but still) it would reduce the amount of children inflowing. I mean, they already covered Fortnite which is pretty kiddish

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