A can of paint: you can draw on walls (default buildings and placed ones) and on cars. This doesn’t do any damage, but you can use it for roleplay.


This has been previously suggested a lot.

Spray cans IMO should be able to do the following:

  • paint structures (e.g. paint a wall blue)
  • repaint cars with an overall coat, if the vehicle system allows that to be possible
  • spray one of a few preset patterns/graffiti templates onto a flat surface that lasts for a short while

…and for drawing dicks on every wall.

This is a really useful tool to have (Marking paths,territory,warnings etc.),but I don’t think that all Unturned players see it that way.
The only viable implementation of this would be with some presets only (As @GreatHeroJ said above) so as to not ruin immersion.

Oh,and welcome to the forum btw.:wink:


People will draw a lot of dicks in the stalls in the bathrooms


With the drawing dicks on the walls, people do that anyways with bullet holes, blastmarks, and paintball guns. Good idea in concept

If you can use spray paint there should be a certain amount of time you can use + does that mean you can have custom sprays with guns.

You know what else we could spray?

Air purifier

Welp people will be spraying swastikas and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and that’s about it.

people will go to bases and paint penises and swastikas on them

I Liked the idea but it could be implemented like in rust, not a can of paint but a sign where you can paint on, this way there will not be more random dick drawings since you have to craft the sign before being able to draw something

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