Starting traits

Not kill me if this has been said.
I have read the skill overhaul idea and it made me think of project Zombiods “traits” system.
I’m not very good a making posts but I’ll try to make this good.

Trait Basic
A trait would be a semi permanent/permanent effect that the character would have to play with, they can be good or bad. Traits could give many things, multipliers, starting benefits, or making the game thougher.

Some ideas:
Cats eyes (from PZ); sees better at night
Quick reader; reads books quickly (books could be a thing)
Quick learner; learns general skills quicker
Cannot Drive; doesn’t know how to drive
Prepared; starts with random weapon and food

All traits would have a point value either positive or negative. You would have a starting value around 0, good traits would take points, bad traits would add points, you can not start with negative points.

IE: Start with 2 points, cats eyes costs two, Unfit gives 4 points, prepared takes 3 points. In total you would have 1 points left and you character would be unfit but prepared and see well at night

Another thing is working off traits, you could lose good traits by not using them, and lose bad traits by practicing them; getting fit from unfit. The traits would not go away by themselves, if your lucky you could gain certain traits.

Post trait suggestions in comments. Thank you
Ps shoutout to REDCOM how came up this idea but I expanded on this.


Very good idea , this could totally change the survival experience and allow players to be very different from each others .


I don’t know about the initial traits. That might be OP. I think a skill progression tree could balance it out. I agree that skills should be gained by performing them but losing them seems…annoying. Good concept though.

I really like this, and i think there are ways to make it balanced so it being to OP should not be a problem, the question is if we wannt this system, some parts of it or a whole another skill system

This is definitely better than random traits (suggested earlier), but I wonder how would the “cannot drive” trait work.

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When in a car the character wouldn’t know how to work it, pressing the buttons would do nothing, or activate other things. The player would either have to watch someone else drive so they can learn or read car magazines to learn.

Sorry, THAT I don’t agree with at all. Sorry, but I’ll pass.

Most people have the ability to look at something they know nothing about and still be able to work it in some way.

Most people in the apocalypse are also old enough to have knowingly been in a car at least once in their lifetime, pre-apocalypse.

And most people don’t learn through reading/watching, they learn through physical interaction.

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whos ready for an IQ Post get ready to be made.

You wouldn’t be forced to have the trait, plus on a map with few cars it could come in handy to trade have that trait for another great trait.

The starting traits would have to be balanced, if you wanted great traits you would need to trade off with some really bad traits.

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