Startup Crashing

I recently upgraded my computer. My old computer had the following configuration:

Core i5 650 3.2GHz
Onboard Video Card

With this configuration, I was able to run Unturned normally. However, when performing the upgrade, Unturned always crashes on Preload Skin Assets. My new configuration is:

FX 8320E
Geforce GT 730 2GB DDR3

Note: I saw many commenting that there are many fake video cards of the same model, however, this is not the case for this video card.

Please help me solve this problem.

Your details on the GPU are a bit vague anyway but I’d assume that has something to do with your issue. Is there any reason why you upgraded to one of the shittiest GPUs you can currently buy?

I highly doubt that you’d even manage 10-15 FPS with that GPU and a semi-decent resolution.
Have you tried looking for any crash logs?

Try verifying files, also if windows asks to close the program or if the check for solutions or not responding box comes up ignore or cancel or close the box.

the program does not open any window you mentioned, just this one, in which the progress bar does not move.
Captura de Tela (11)

I searched for crash log files, but found nothing

Yes, but I didn’t find any

Oh that’s been common recently, I don’t know how to solve it myself but I do know that at least a few people here do know how. Check Unturned Official if you don’t get any help here.

wait is this how unturned opens? i thought it was different

The unturned opens just like everyone else, however, when it locks, this window appears

That’s happens me when i used 32 bits, when i update to 64 bits my name works fine

my windows is already 64 bits

Update to 128 bits

There is no such thing a 128 bit windows, what are you trying to say?

He was making a bad joke

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