Stasven Teaser #4.5 - A New Year's Special

(categorized as Workshop because it’s more relevant to Stasven than to the new year)

TERRAN DAILY - 1 / 1 // 3563

Renowned Pacific T-pop producer and talk show host CELESTE (real name Miki Emistu) rang in the New Year with a bang this January 1st, with excessive fireworks celebrations all across the Northern Entertainment Sectors.
On the other hand, Advia Voltanis, Stasveni emo pop singer turned talk show co-host, celebrates in her notably mundane way of posting pictures of last year’s fireworks celebrations on Galnet Social. Nobody seems to mind.


(CELESTE and Advia as they appear ingame - 40 frames of alright-quality animation)

It’s a new year! Cool.

Stasven turns 1 as of today - it’s been in development since around this time 2017 - with a new watermark (and a name + logo for the small team developers behind it) as it’s birthday gift. Other than that, there’s not much we can say here that hasn’t already been said in the New Year’s thread.

However, we can say that work still continues on the port to Unity 2017. Guns and ammunition are almost finished being brought over, alongside most larger objects. Small objects, clothing, and most items are still a work in progress on the porting front.


So uhhh…who are those cyborgs again?

Characters are giving me a real Starbound vibe, keep it up :ok_hand:


don’t get too hyped, someone’s gonna make hentai of it at some point.

Depending on who you ask, that’s just another reason to get hyped.

listen n’ere im not having my meat beat to a fish alright

you know one thing that Stasven needs?



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