Status Effects for consumables

Some foods and medical items are barely ever used, the addition of temporary buffs could help things be more interesting.

Medical items like adrenaline and morphine could have large buffs for short periods of time while fine cuisine items would have long lasting small buffs.


What a adrenaline shot would do is quite intuitive, but the exact stats and buffs for each item is something open for discussion.

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-Should Medicine skill affect the duration/intensity of the buffs?

This relates to the wider Unturned’s skill/skillsets/profession question

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I like the idea and would be willing to support, but knowing this place nobody really cares and would rather post goofy messages so in the end nothing will change.

However some arbitrary 15% boost to running speed, stamina recovery speed and 10% melee damage boost for some 20-30s would’ve been an interesting twist to Adrenaline. Morphine could potentially provide powerful short-term health recovery and immunity to bleeding, say for 5-10s? The issue here is not to make these overpowered, but good enough to be worth picking up

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