Steam Game Festival

Along with The Game Awards there’s limited opportunity (1 day and about 20 hours left as of writing this post) to try some demos of upcoming games for free during festival period.

Personally I’ve been looking forward to couple titles featured here and it’s pretty nice to get chance early to try them!


I played a bit of Acidknife and SkateBIRD before the show started and really enjoyed them! SkateBIRD was buggy as hell but I still enjoyed myself. Acidknife I am now proper looking forward to, it was a really good time! I don’t know If i’ll have the time to try the rest, I really wanted to try eastward from chucklefish.

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some of thes games are really nice but if you guys looking for free games just install epic games they give out free games every week and some of the is really good

As much as I hate Epic, I always claim the free games. There are some very good games I got free.

well there are people who like Marvel and some who likes Dc and people who just want to enjoy a good movie. got my reference

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