Storming area 51

So as a lot of us know there has been a facebook post about people going to storm area 51.
Would you go to area 51?
Honestly i’d want to see what’s going on. People say that no one will go but 800k is a lot more then you think. There could be some serious trouble going on there.

99% of those people are memeing.

My bet is that some extremely dumb rednecks will try and get arrested/shot


Yeah thats what i expect.
it would be pretty funny to see that recorded

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Bruh… Just think the fact that adults dont understand what memes are , the area 51 personal is probable preparing for a real attack XDDDDDD.


They probably are actually prepping just because of how dangerous a fraction of that amount of people would be. Though I am sure a maximum of 100 would show up (though 10 is more likely), 100,000 armed US citizens would be enough to take over a military base, so 800,000 certainly looks like a threat.

Better safe than sorry I guess.


Jokes on you, I’m already in Area 51 stuck in my containment chamber while they observe my forum shitposting skills.


Dont worry buddy we will save you.


Some of us will

None of us will.

Thousands of people who successfully make it in only to find out it’s just a mundane Cold War-era experimental aircraft test site:

Pork and Armaros:


Bruj u a web? Web go to #webcpntaynmantzune.

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We all are weens on the inside

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I’m just gonna keep that autocorrect the way it is

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I can’t tell which one of us is which.

I think Armaros is the one that looks like his pfp

Clearly I’m Nonna and Pork is Katyusha.

Implying that is a bad thing

I haven’t watched the anime with those characters


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The lack of shitposting skills.