Story mode DLC

To introduce and maybe interest some players into Unturned 2 there should be some story mode that teaches you aspects of the game from basic survival skills all the way to PVP skills. Unlike the first game it should have voice actors and NPCs that actually move rather than just tilt their heads. It’s a bit of a stretch but would interest some people. Maybe like the Unturned gold DLC you’d have to pay for the story mode. Each official map introduces a new character/group in the story-line and teaches a new aspect of the game. The end should include a PvE battle between the Coalition and Scorpion-7, Scorpion-7 being revealed as the leaders behind the Syndicate and the cause of the zombie apocalypse. Some curated maps and story-lines should also be integrated into the game (ex: France’s RULA story, Belgium’s story attempting to end the apocalypse)
All of this a bit of stretch and sounds like too much work for SDGs but it’s a nice concept.


A story mode could work but would work better as modded/featured content.

Also since Unturned II will be a new game, (and curated lore isn’t canon) very little, if any, of the lore will carry over. It’s fine if community members went ahead and made this as a fun project, and I really think it would be cool if they did, but it doesn’t sound necessary to the main game. Also, an official story mode shouldn’t feature anything from Unturned I, especially stuff that isn’t even canon in the current game.


I would like a better tutorial for the game. And I think Nelson has said stuff about a story.

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lore wise 2 seems like basically a reboot from the trello

I do not see why it should be a DLC, so if it gets added then it should be in the base game


I prefer games with “on the go” tutorials.

So the first time you interact with storage you would get a quick run down of how storage works for example.

Maybe you should run a poll.

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Tutorial? Certainly, a good tuorial is essential to gaining and keeping new players
A story mode? No, not by a longshot and certainly not on launch.


From what I can tell it seems more like a completely different game with the same name as Unturned.

Tutorial DLC when

To be honest I think a ‘Story’ in each map is sufficient enough for the game, just like in Unturned (In addition to references to another map if possible).

A ‘Story mode’ campaign seems like something for a non-Sandbox game (aka No open world/free roaming map, no forced objective). For example, Valve’s known series of games (e.g. Left4Dead, Half Life). This kind of design would be best left to the community to make where creativity is expansive and amazing to see.

Something that Unturned is similar to is the 3d Fallout games where free roaming is possible while you do quests on your way.

I do like to see a foundation for the game’s official lore and not just fragments of recorded events.


Then the player can themselves try to figure out what exactly happened.

Also then we will probably get more “The known story of (map name)” videos by @SirAdy which would be great :ok_hand:


last time i got to talk about DLCs i was told to not turn nelson into EA…

anyways i dont like the concept, i would prefer the game to be paid rather than paying for the history dlc

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