(Strawpoll Vote) Which map should be added after Pineridge as the first non beta map?

Which location would you prefer as the first non beta test map ? Vote here on Strawpoll !

You know there’s a built in poll function in the forum…right

Sadly not. I have only started posting recently on the forums.

While PEI is a classic it would not really fit because how small it is and other new game standards…

You left out the “some other country” option

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US has a lot of interesting areas, maybe a map taking place in a place like Yellowstone or the Virgin Islands. Heh, maybe even a map that takes place in the Grand Canyon.

US has a lot of interesting areas

So does Canada u thot

Thanks but I think a lot just voted on the strawpoll so most of the votes there are already would be gone.

I just want my washington back :frowning:

It could be remade either as a official map or as a mod.

I’m hoping official, it’s the only map I enjoy playing casually on

That’s a low possibility as it’s more of a PVP map and 4.0 is supposed to be more survival based.

There it is again. “It’s a PVE game so this can’t happen”

Yeah it’s not like Nelson is developing an entirely different game to fix the overly PVP feel of 3.0 and bring Unturned back to it’s roots.


It’s become a PvP game because it works well with PVP. Nelson’s designed himself a little echo chamber of kids who were salty after they lost their canned beans and now he wants to take something that works and turn it into a sharing game for preschoolers

hardcore survival game with realistic and unforgiving mechanics

for preschoolers

May I ask if you’ve ever played a non PvP-centric survival game, perhaps in your entire life?

Because if anything, going around Washington armed to the teeth for easy player kills, on a server filled with plugins that make the game laughably easy, sounds like it’s for preschoolers.

It’s ironic how you seem to completely lack an understanding of the Unturned meta, or the fact that most veterans of the game have been pushing for a harder, harsher, and less PvP-reliant game for years now, yet by calling them “salty kids” you seem to almost exactly fit the stereotype you’re trying to push out.


if you want intense PvP that badly stay on 3.0 after 4.0’s launch.

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