Stuck On Loading Screen

When I start up Unturned everything goes smooth until the screen freezes at Loading Map Assets.
I can move the cursor on the screen but noting else.
I already tried validating the game files and reinstalling but nothing became of it.
I don’t have any mods that i subscibed to.

are you running unturned in admin mode?

Nope i dont

Delete appcache folder in Steam folder and restart Steam. Maybe it will help.

try running the game in admin and see if that changes anything

How i do that?

Both methods didn’t work.
Any ideas?

Are you playing multiplayer or singleplayer?
And on what map you are playing?

I am trying to play the editor the thing is i don’t even get to the menu it freezes at loading map assets when you start the game up

Do you have multiple applications open when you’re trying to launch the game? If so, close them and then try.

No,i have just steam opened

Were you uninstalling game manually or through Steam client? If through Steam then try to uninstall it manually. (And if you have your custom maps copy them from Unturned/Maps folder and paste somewhere)

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This fixed the problem,Thanks a lot!

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