"Stupid OP" Target tracking smart scope "Second dumbest thing since lock-on missiles"

I’m done, stop replying to this topic, just go home already. I’m sorry everyone hates the idea of a target tracking scope and sees no way for such a thing to be balanced.


Too op in a survival gayme. This is bringing in the “it’s balanced because it’s rare” which was 3.0

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Rather, it should be rare cause it’s OP, not because of balance. Screw balance.

“It’s balanced because it’s rare” is a long-running meme from the Unturned community, where people would post stupidly overpowered, ridiculously broken mechanics or suggestions and attempt to justify them simply because they would be rare, hence the meme.

As we know, rarity is a very bad way to justify an OP suggestion. But making them common is even more counterintuitive, and just makes everything worse.

On this particular suggestion, it simply does not belong in the game, and it is one of the aforementioned ridiculously OP things that cannot be balanced. Plus, how on earth would a random civilian survivor be able to find a cutting edge $17,000 super technological scope like this?

If the game in your opinion is boring, that’s what mods are for. If you don’t like how that is, simply don’t play Unturned II as it will be a far more hardcore, survival-centric experience than Unturned, which is a steroid-fueled PvP kits fest as it currently stands.



It would be a cool mod though, right?

Well then, you should clarify in your post that this would be an idea for a mod, because it looks like you’re trying to get this into the vanilla game. It also wouldn’t belong in #unturned-4 if that was the case, since #workshop encompasses modding for all versions while this category is for 4.0 suggestions.

Edit: tl;dr

For vanilla? God no
For a mod? Sure.

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Mostly, because I would like to see this in 4.0 specifically. However, being that the IRL variant is tuned to a specific firearm and ammunition, using this on any gun would require tuning to that specific gun and the ammunition used in it. High investment high reward scenario.
If nothing else, I want the functionality this implies to be in Unturned 4.0, even if the scope is not.

That’s the job of a modder to create, not Nelson to put into the vanilla code.
Especially given the increasing push for expanded modder capability (and possibly open source IIRC.)

Either way I think this idea would be fine as a mod, but horrible for the vanilla experience.


Please don’t post meme topics in #unturned-4.

If for some reason you’re being serious and think this should be in the game, god help you.

I don’t really have a problem with there being some crazy end game things you can get. I mean in 3.0 we already have that stuff. Jets, tanks, sentries, etc (though they’re not really that good).

But a scope that removes any form of skill when aiming? Even in a mod that’d just be dumb. I can understand things locking on (like jet missiles) but that’s entirely different and honestly kinda unrelated.


This is the worst idea, after surface to air missiles, of course.

Or actually this is actually the new worst idea ever suggested for 4.0.

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No, the worst suggestion in history is still the unavoidable, RNG dictated natural disasters that rummage the map on a daily basis and destroy any and all entities.

Remember that?

I think that wasnt DAILY, but whatevs XD

Ouch… that kinda hurts.

I’d put this at 2nd place.

Compared to this, surface to air missiles seem like a good suggestion.

Oh dear (10 characters)

why did I imagine a British accent saying that?

So does someone unironically suggesting an “auto aim” scope to be put into the main core game of Unturned II, no offense.

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I don’t see how this could work. The real scope just lightens the trigger pull when it is aimed at your target, but the game can’t change the way your left mouse button moves.

After marking your target, you would most likely hold down the LMB. Once you lined up the scope correctly, the gun would then fire. It would still be possible to miss though if the target moves after the gun fires. It’s not an auto-aim scope, but a tracking aim-assist scope. You still have to aim where it tells you to. Also, there would be no free fire with this scope as you’d have to mark a target by pressing the LMB, then again to fire. Also, you probably wouldn’t be able to no-scope.

I wasn’t making the original suggestion for a smart scope to be completely bashed, but to get a conversation on how this could be done properly. As it goes though, I don’t expect to see a Shadowstalker in 4.0 either.