Stupid Question

Well, I have question but it’s really stupid

Is it okay to play Roblox?

  • Yes.
  • No. (u)

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Gotta get on that PF grind

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Pfffffft. I’m rank 119. Fite me.

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We have to admit without Roblox we may have never gotten Unturned.


I only play Roblox for PF Because There is no F2P game like it and I hate Roblox.

depends where you started so

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i have a roblox gf :sunglasses:


That reminds me of what my ex friend said. He said he has an online girl friends and I asked, “where you got her from? Roblox, Minecraft” he said I will kill you. He had 3 online girl friends. Edit: he is also hated in my school. He broke my friend’s toy he was holding for another friend and threw over the garden fence.

Cool story, bro

It’s fifty-fifty.
Suddenly my vote has become the most important thing in my life.


Nice story bruh.

Try ironsights

in pf im level 17 and do 20 kills less than my lvl 215 friend

intense daberino

Roblox is the reason why I got into my first favorite Zombie-survival game, Apoclaypse rising. I still play games on Roblox today too!