Sugestions from my and my friends

(I’m sorry for my poor eng)
Hope dear Nelson might read it :smiley:
Just looked like what I said before.We really need official Chinese.(I collect these suggestions all from Chinese)
1.Details of got in/out vehicles and horn.
2.More animation for sit,crouch and use.We’ll be glad if we had animation sitting on sofa or chair.
3.Animation of throwing object,and track of it.
1.More useful,easy working spawns/control table.It’s kind of difficult for server host to delete a spawn,they need to banned the car lock opener.They can’t find stealy wheely xxxx,should find carlockpick.That’s not easy for someone didn’t speak English.I know ban ID will be more easy,but some host have to make them completely never appear.
2.Completely skin remove from 3.x to 4.x.We both worried about the money we spend on 3.x skin,anyway when 4.x come.I don’t think there would still be a lot player playing 3.x(If 4.x got didn’t need a price)
3.Can check item’s ID more easily.Such as type the items name and can check ID,in gaming and menu.
1.More furniture(Makable)such as different kind of chair.However we even don’t have makable chair in 3.x.Different kind of shelf,wardrobe,crates and barrels.Some MC players wishes have more architectural elements.
2. In inventory,wished right click the item and it’ll mentions the ID.
3.More guns,especially civilians ammo.Maybe we can make ranger or military ammo more regular.Since the civilian weapon using was poor.(Especially in the shop server in pve)
4.More animals,such as fox,bull,squirrels or birds.Can’t adbot,animals was a important point of survival games,because in 3.x we almost ignored those animals.
5.Please let metal scraps and clothes can be stack,really cost places in bag.
6.Delete or improve the barrel durability.Few shot a fix really not good.
7.Make bad foods more pathogenic.Than no one would ever dare to eat the bad food.
8.Crate/scrap/fix high level items needed worktable.I remind a lot of dudes talked about it.
9.Add more makeshift weapon.
1.Looking forward on it,hope it won’t change the way to drive.
2.Improve the vehicle durability.Some bump then smoking’s not good.
3.Improve vehicle weapon.
4.Improve the vehicle speed.
Game mode:
1.Hope we had more ill and sickness,such as stay outside will catch cold raining.And sickness will lose Hp(Slowly)maybe some speed- and ark-.Use pills to health it.
2.Hunting mode just like the long dark,after hunt down animals.Can make rope with lung.Leather make more useful stuffs.
1.We’d like to know the exactly month that alpha would appear.
2.We both knew their was a huge bug of Linux,and you didn’t fix it.We wishes Linux will work pretty will on 4.x.
At last,pleasure thx to sdg.For nice game and our wishes.Looking forward for 4.x

First off, your duggestion would be good, but sometimes you’ll be busy doing the animation while someone rushes you. But still, I like the idea.
I didn’t understand when you said …

Workshop is not my thing cuz I never download any workshop content except Horde maps and Admin backpacks

Okay, sounds fun. Something to fill the room.
Right clicking an item in the inventory would also show its ID is actually something good and I never though about it.

No more guns. No. More. Guns. We have enough firearms in 3.x. We don’t want 4.x to be based on gun collecting and killing players. More animals isn’t something new, but it’s coming. Metal Scrap/Cloth stacking is also suggested by multiple people before. Bad food should be more damaging, yeah I agree., makeshift weapons should be the go-to because I really hope guns are gonna be super rare to the point where you are forced to build a gun that requires so much time to build.
I won’t go through the rest because I’m tired from typing all that alone


Yeah,thx for reading and feedback.Some suggestions came from other players.Lot’s of people wants new guns,maybe they were just boring for the guns in 3.x.I believe the 4.x improved guns would be fresh and nice.And “workshop” sry that’s not mean workshop items it’s a subject for questions.I’m sry their was no better word in my head,maybe community or players or other what what might be better.

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Add another…(Sry the tip giving guy show up late)
[About reloading]
Just like Insurgency 2
Single press “R” put empty magazine into inventory.
Double press “R” throw empty magazine on ground.

Kylie he means to remove gun skins


Nelson does not speak Chinese. The translations have to be from Chinese players, not Nelson. :slight_smile:


Official Item list is HERE.
When the test game is out, the item IDs will be put there with the items. :smile:

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There is makable chair in 3.x. I agree, we need more furniture types. Having more architectural part types would be very nice for builders who want to make a cool base.

You can do that. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Bundles\Items\ITEM TYPE\ITEM NAME\Chinese.dat OR English.dat

Open it and put the ID at the end of Description. Now do that for any item you want and you can click the item to see it’s ID. I hope you can understand this :smiley:

This is already planned :smiley:

It is going to made this month and on Steam :smiley:
I think it will happen in the next two weeks.

Put your opinions in one message.


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