Suggesting new and practicle civilian/craftable clotheing for us all!

Simple concepts, I’m suggesting new clothing, no it’s not special forces, no, it’s not wacky or crazy, jut simple nice additions! (in my opinion!)

Cargo vest: Slightly but notably higher capacity than military vests, Rare/epic quality and 10% protection (sweatervests and stuff posses 5%, perhaps still 5%).

  • This sympthetic vest matches the ascetic of the cargo pants, complete with pockets, zippers, and such! Useful for people who value space over protection.:moneybag:

Coast guard harness : Personally when I first saw the coast guard they… I was expecting something on there chest, looked kind of barren. So I was thinking of this addition! Some nice red straps with some pouches on them, tada! looks much nicer!

-Rare quality, 10% protection and around military space capacity (perhaps wider instead).

Thief harness: Again thinking something on there chest would be nice, Made of black cloth and more little pouches on them

  • Rare quality, space of cargo vest (larger than military vests) and 10% protection. As long as it’s not obtrusive it would be great!

Perhaps even some long sleeve shirts, and not of the boring kind! There are many different syles to be chosen, in fact here is a guide of all the types of well known clotheings for the civilian zombies attire!


Cowboy hat: Simple hat for that survivor feel, comes with some simple but nice designs. Craftable and goes well with the leather clothing set. Perhaps even spawns on some zombies.

  • 7.5% protection (won’t survive sniper shot), 2 leather to make.

Survival vest: A craftable high capacity vest that sacrifices protection for space (makeshift vest alternative), has as much or more space then a military vests. Comes in a nice design with many visible pockets, that survivor feel, and overall worthwhile crafting.

-10-15% protection, 3-5 leather and perhaps 1 scrap to craft. A favorite among players that prefer to keep to the wilderness for there survival. Crafting 1-2

Makeshift helmet: Goes along with the makeshift vest, Offers 10-15% protection to the head, unattractive/thrown together like the vest, and servers it’s purpose.

  • Allows one to survive headshots from high powered rifles, Requires 4 scrap and 1 leather to fashion. Crafting 1-2.

Perhaps we can even go to makeshift leggings and makeshift armored shirts, but that may be excessive and defeats the point of military gear.

–Adjustments to armor/bookbags–

Slightly annoying, but I think that if book bags added protection to your back it would be great! After all those shotgun pellets have to go through I don’t know how many layers of cloth through them before even reaching your body through one, think of a alaicepack! Regardless, I suggest that the armor values be relatively low, like common/civilian 5%, alicepack 10%, and spec 15%.

Anyway it would make the tactic of running away actually more feasible!

Spec opps Barret: Please do 7.5% protection, it’s not a big upgrade and not like they will survive a headshot form say a Timberwolf.

Parka: kinda miss the 10% protection, Perhaps a bump to 7.5%? After all it’s a big bushy coat and high-tier civilian.

Chef hat: besides a reference to some obscure movie, it would be nice if this hat had something to offer, perhaps like any other hat you could utilize the space inside! Say the hat gives 1-4 spaces of storage? Prefect for the hoarding lunatic! After all, what killer chef does not has a spare can of his pasta and favorite butcher knife in his trusty (mostly) white hat?

Reflective clothing like the construction vest: please have it be reflective and shine brightly when lights are shown on it, same with firefighter clothes.

Those are my suggestions, hope you like them!:tshirt:

If you think up any good ideas feel free to post below!


Maybe if possible depending on the hat like a thief hat of a sweater hat you could get a small bit of storage?

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