Suggestion 1: Skills

This is something I created with MS Paint, apologies for low quality artwork. If anyone has suggestions to improve this so Nelson can be pleased with the skill tree template, that would be great! If someone wants to see what the subsections of the skill trees are, (Ex: Stealth Perks) just comment a request. If you want, give an illustration or picture if you want me to follow some guidelines.

Update 1:
Thanks to GreatHeroJ for telling me to revise this. I elaborated more on how the skills work.


The player opens the skills tab in the appropriate information tab and is led to the main page. They select the skill tree they want to spend skill points or perk points in so they can improve their character. Skill points are earned through regular actions that give skill for the category. (Ex: Farming improves Assembly) Perk points are earned through certain milestones or completing quests. (Ex: Defeat 20 total mega zombies as one character = 2 perk points) Different characters from character select will have different stats, and that will affect how many points they have for the specific server or singleplayer world. Total stats for total time played as that character can be viewed, but will not affect gameplay.

Death reverts lots of progress. Depending on the player’s occupation, that will affect how harshly skills are removed. NOTE: NOT all progress is lost. Milestones are kept, but have a small chance of decreasing.

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Protip: A concept art needs a concept to go with it.

You might want to actually explain how your skill system works.

also send help I cant do this much longer

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Thank you for your feedback, I’ll explain it with another picture within the hour of 12:00 PST

@GreatHeroJ I revised the post, as you requested.

Develop this a lil’ bit further… Like this I don’t get that much of the idea :T

The skills system you’re showing us, lol

@AtomSplinter Which idea?

Oops. Ok. Will Revise.

@AtomSplinter Revised, as you requested.

So these skills revert upon death? If so it might be impractical, especially if you suffer a nasty raid.

Just the milestones and stuff seem like they may take… A while…

@Peedeoo7 I should clarify this. Thank you for informing me.

Probaly the “skills” will be added on clothes for example a shoe give more speed a glove give more stability on weapons is a system less strange in my opnion

Where did you hear that? Clothing and weapon attachments are very likely to have an impact player stats, but that wouldn’t negate the effects of skills.

I might make my own post, but I am usually very opposed to skill systems based on points.

Kill zombies = Become able to make a new rifle out of scraps.


Personally,I would like skills to go bye bye,and give their place to equipment and attachments.
Or,if Nelson wants to keep the skills,I would like them to progress according to the actions you perform.E.G:Shoot–>Upgrade your sharpshooter skill.(I know this has been discussed before by numerous people,so it is not impossible for it to get implemented.)

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