Suggestion for Nelson

Something like a Paint Canvas, similar to Ark’s or Rust’s.
I’d like this in game because it would be good to draw, and stuff
in yet another survival game that I enjoy. Nelson should honestly
consider this, but that’s truely up to him. I’d be hyped to see this!

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Because nothing immature is going to be spammed on every square inch of a map :eggplant::sweat_drops: /s


I agree with 101. Prince Edward Island would turn into Penis Edward Island.

I’ve already made a post regarding this. And I added limits to colors and brish sizes to minimize extremely graphic images

Such classics as “youre mom gay XDDDDDD” and “:weary::sweat_drops::ok_hand::eggplant:” await you!

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Don’t forget ‘fegoot’ and Swastikas, coming soon! Deface your rival’s unclaimflagged base TODAY!

Lets not forget those who are actually mature when they paint, like me and a select few who’d like to hone their MS Paint Skills xD

Yes, I do fancy those canvases on Rust and ARK. This would make a great addition to the game.

Well, better prepare for dildos on every unclaimed area.

People can already do this with freeform, or if they really wanted to just any placeables. Restricting brush strokes and colors really doesn’t do anything besides annoy players, because it’s incredibly simple to work around if you just start from the center and move out.

Plus, you really don’t need a small paint brush to make…

Not that I specifically agree or disagree with the idea of paint canvases, but I don’t think the reasons being used against them by people (in general) so far can hold up on their own, nor the previously suggested ways to limit them.

Last time it came up, people still seemed to want to be able to spray paint on to their vehicles whatever they wanted. I’m curious as to whether people have negative or positive opinions of that nowadays. :thinking:

Shouldn’t the thread be in #unturned-4 or #unturned-3? :thinking:

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Spray paint how?

With a spray paint item.

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What spray paint Item though? I’ve not once heard of a Spray paint item in game vanilla. (Unless its new or a mod, if that’s the case I’d love a link)

It’s a concept.

I’d not mind spraying my car to looking like Reynold’s car. :stuck_out_tongue: