Suggestion for the settings


Hey guys,
I recently noticed in 3.0 that there is one important setting missing for me, it’s the ability to switch on / switch off the voice chat, there are options to do so with the prone and so but there is no such ability for the voice chat,
this is just a suggestion and it could help many players for example in roleplay etc…
Please do not judge me for comparing to Unturned 3.0 but I had to do that.


well… you could just lower outbound or inbound chat to like 0


also who plays RP?


Don’t see why not.

Also, I don’t see Unturned II being focused around RP. Still, it’d be nice to have such an option.


I know I am not the best English speaker, but I meant to switch it on, for example when you press k you can talk and if you press again then not. Please read the example


Also, not sure if this suggestion is for 4.0 at all, so I’m just going to recategorize it to 3.0


dude theres already button for that ingame


Lol it is for 4.0 because there is no such option in 3.0 so I want him to add it in 4.0


Press ALT or whatever HotKey is active


Please show me, in form of a screenshot


The OP is rather a complaint to 3.0’s system.


wait to clarify your looking to use voice chat?


like to use headsets and talk to another player


Dude, I mean so you dont have to hold it!! Is it so hard to understand my english? :sob:


Listen im not trying to be rude or anything but theres a button to hold it or press it to enable voice chat in the settings


Really? Please show me


Yeah go into settings, voice chat, and should be there (Im in school right now so cant really grab ya one)


There is no such thing as voicechat in settings, do you mean controls?


yeah where volume is, find “Tap” or “Press” and it should be there


If you see it tell me, maybe I just dont see it. xd