Suggestion For Unturned 4.x and more

Hey N. Today I Have some ideas to share with you for Unturned 4.x That maybe you wasn’t thinking about
-Emotes: Wave, Point, Dances, Sit, Facepalm, Yes, No.
-Placing Furniture
-The Zombie Crawler Without Legs
-Non- Stop Roads (Have you Ever Seen a road that stops in Unturned? Yeah Im Talking About That)
-Road Tunnels
-Spawn With Clothes (Looks Like In 3.0 you have born in the nature.)
-Connected Unturned Gold For 4.x (If Ever Exist Gold 4.0).


Nonstop road as in. A loop? or a very-very long road on a very-very huge map?

If you mean your corpse becoming a zombie, there is a possibility from a Trello page where you gotta kill a zombie which was originally you to get your stuff back.

Emotes may be expanded in the future.

Not sure what you mean by that exactly. If you mean being able to craft furniture to decorate your base, maybe.

Bit random but zombies may be added with alternative appearances. Not an important detail though

Like what the person above said, though not necessary. The dev makes the map he wishes to be.

Already a thing, and may be more advanced when it comes to map creation.

Very random suggestion, I don’t think snakes are even necessary.

Because you are created out of nowhere on the beach, grassland or forest. Gameplay wise it’s pretty too advantageous, unless there’s a ‘Easy mode’ added that allows it.

For the 9999th time there won’t be any ‘Gold’ upgrade. There is a premium pass you can buy to access official servers, with a possibility gold users in the previous game can get a discount but really NO transfers


Connected Roads.

-Reanimate in multiplayer PVP not when Hit by zombie

-The Zombie Crawler Without Legs: It’s Good To See A Realistic Detail, The Crawler In 3.x Looks Like he has a problem in their legs.

-Non - Stop Road: That’s A Suggestion not something that i really want.

-Snakes: His utility is To Make More Fuller the ambient and make The Snake some sorta of Berry that you find in the forest. When Bit.

-Connected gold upgrade: Excuse me i didn’t understand :thinking:

Next Time please Just do a full Reply don’t do piece of piece

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