Suggestion for zombie


Name: frog
Height: Normal (neither high nor low)
Where they can be found: cities, farms, mainly in marshes.
Skills: Very high jumps, agility, makes loud noises with throat.
How to kill: 1 shot in the head, 1 blow on the head, shoot the body leaves he slow, 2 blows on the body.
history: the turned can act differently in some individuals the frogs had the muscles of the legs and arms and tendons altered the vocal cords became stronger making loud noises so the name frog besides giving great leaps, always are of four like frogs , although they like marshes and wet places they can not swim.


So basically the Hunter from L4D?


I think I’ve never played or watched this but imagine a bixo walking like a frog and much uglier


A yes left for dead i never play but i watch gameplays


I dont appreciate you digging into my private data smh


hahahahahaha you is funny


Image result for Frog suit mario

probably one of the best in the series in my opinion


so basically 1.60-1.70cm?

man, this english is wack. I’ll rewrite the suggestion.

I tried. I’m not too sure on the “on all four legs” if it’s the best translation to the way a frog hops around.



yes very nice idea I agree, not biased, guys this is good