[Suggestion] Object Destabilizer | New Barricade


Or the Object Suppresor?

A simple item suggestion for a new barricade that can be crafted and placed.

The Object Destabilizer, when placed, prevents destroyed objects in its radius from respawning. That is its only mechanic.

In some of my concept notes I have this as a Safezone Radiator buff instead, or as a barricade only exclusively able to be placed on the Safezone Radiator.


Its usage would be similar to the Safezone Radiator, meaning that it would be used when trying to make a base out of a map-specific location, rather than building your own base entirely from scratch in the wild.

The main reason for its addition would be so the upper levels of office buildings could be decorated without severely impairing the ability to build a base in there. Items still wouldn’t be able to spawn on those floors however, because zombies can’t reach the area. Since zombies can’t reach the area, Safezone Radiators aren’t needed, and thus item spawns wouldn’t be removed if they existed.

Problems and Solutions

A possible solution to the above that would allow actual item spawns too, and not just objects, would be to make the Object Destabilizer something that must be placed on the Safezone Radiator. However, people could just decide that they’re fine with the free decorative furniture and just not build either.

This sounds like a bad thing, because it means people get a base that generates free loot. However, very few people build in map-specific areas like towns to begin with, if they even build a base at all, so this could also just indirectly encourage town-based bases instead of something like a sky base. That would be alright, unless people began building their bases at towns and farms near spawn points, and looting became difficult for freshly spawned players. That is not as alright.

Since the above is an endless loop of overthinking greatness and pain, the next solution that could be implemented is to make Bedrolls and Cots disable item spawns extremely nearby, like a miniature Safezone Radiator, without any of the additional perks of disabling zombie spawns.

A lot of the problems just come from the Safezone Radiator being underused in general, and for good reasons. Buffing it with the Claim Flag’s functionality, and also letting it damage or repel zombies that wander into the zone would likely warrant enough reason to use it. This would give enough of a reason to use the Object Destabilizer and build bases in map-specific locations.


Make it blue. :wink:


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More options never hurt, I like the idea :slight_smile:


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