Suggestion on a Zombie

So i had post something before the forum exist i was all about a new zombie so call the something
So he eat at night cannot attack and than in morning he gone somewhere you might think it a crazy suggest but whatever. So he just eat and than he become a mega so he like a early version of the mega but if he kill you as a mega the processes get annoying on and on this should be a thing because mega don’t really have a back they be cover in blister but remember in that point in time this is not a big mega i a oversize so like you the robot from five night at Freddy. That the high of the zombie what he does is lead a army the city’s and stay forever this a pain but the army is more of a pain because if you kill this mega the army will start herd leading other into the outside and start run to bases and destroy them making it bad for the environment. So kill the army first i know it a processes why should add we it good now if y’all think oh it too hard for this or that meaning if you want nothing like this in the game am sorry buy you are a brave and or has no meaning no offense but it a good idea what you think i change it used be dropping now it a big idea what do you think.

I am not in support of new features being added that are not fun or beneficial to the player in some way. :[

Also, this should be in #unturned-3 or #unturned-4, not gamedev.

The zombie I am suggesting is the prototype #1 zombie, it is a zombie with an internal exoskelet, and with the special effect that give him the hability to… climb everywhere!!! On wall, on made or even on roofs

For future reference, that’s just called the internal skeleton, or endoskeleton. An exoskeleton is an external skeleton.

Only objection to creepy ceiling demons is latency and pathing issues.

For future reference, it may be easier for people to understand your post if you use proper grammar and punctuation. Not trying to be mean, but it took me a while to understand exactly what you were trying to suggest.

As for the idea, I have to agree with @MoltonMontro on this one. Adding mechanics that are not fun is pointless and will only turn people off from the game.

You were right hahaha internat exoskeleton LMAO

A dynamic AI sounds cool and all but Unturned is a pick-up survival game.

It would just be a hindrance to routine.

I can’t even understand this post, let alone agree with what he’s suggesting

Now that i think of it it kind of a stupid idea i problby go back to the old idea it better and easy.