Suggestion: Player Injuries

In Unturned I the only things that can happen to you is breaking your leg or bleeding out. This is cool, but it isn’t cool enough. In Unturned long-range PvP can last forever if a player gets shot, hides, and just spams meds, which is not very realistic.

My suggestion incorporates some things I posted or read on the Zombie Accuracy post:

Players should be able to injure different body parts during combat, and there should be different types of medicines, splints, and whatever else for each bodypart. The injury can be a simple injury, which causes a loss of accuracy/speed/etc depending on the bodypart, and it should go to the extent of losing bodyparts (very hard to heal), which can make pvp more fun. Losing a bodypart should only exist when being hit by very large caliber weapons, and the only way to fix it is to quickly apply heat, seal the wound, etc. It’d be cool if they add prosthetic limbs also, some of which may have an advantage in pvp (but some other disadvantages in general, such as reduced ability to craft).
In terms of the more minor injuries, you should be able to apply a splint or whatever else, which heals the bodypart over time.


But they can have only so many medications in their inventory and will run out especialy if common medications like bandages would heal a lot less like 11 hp or something and take a few seconds to apply and better meds would be bigger and they can carry less that way

But if this would happen injured players would go behind cover and heal for even longer since i imagine treating your injured leg would take longer then just bandaging yourself and that way a battle would last even longer and from your post i understood that that is what you want to avoid

A loss of accuracy would totally make the fight last even longer and lets say you win a fight but lose your arm , you would just find a safe spot and respawn with all your limbs and get your loot

I imagine prosthetics made in the zombie apocalipse wouldnt be any better then a peg leg and a hook hand or knife arm and people would just respawn when they lose a limb.

The fight won’t be longer. If someone’s arm gets blown off, and they’re bleeding out they will either die or just get rushed by the enemy. They will be powerless.
Also, we have jets, helicopters, etc. I’m sure we can have advanced prostethics also.

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Not trying to sound mean and all but i would appriciate if you could take some time to respond to the whole comment

Sure, no problem.

  1. Yes, making bandages less effective and making their use time longer would fix the problem to some extent. If you have to bandage for a long time, you would be forced to either get up and PvP or to run away.

  2. If you disable someone’s limb you should get a hit marker. If you lose a limb it causes intense bleeding, shock, etc all of which affects accuracy, movement, and more. Most players won’t always have the tools to heal their limbs, so they’ll just die, which will end the fight. If they do, it will take a long time, during which they may either bleed out, or the other player can just rush them. They won’t be able to escape.

  3. Yes, you could find a safe spot and do that, but if we disable suicide it’ll make it harder. Also, if prosthetic limbs can have some sort of an advantage, then players won’t always do this. Even if they do kill themselves to regain their limb, this takes time and is annoying.

  4. You can buy advanced prosthetics from traders or find them in isolated parts of hospitals or military installation. It’s a zombie apolcalypse, but items still exist including jets, medicine, etc. They should add different workbench types and tools in terms of creating stuff yourself.

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Even if we disable suicide people have friends that could help you respawn and i saw that you revolve around removing someone’s limb a lot and yes that would end the fight but you would need a very large caliber to do that as you said and it wouldnt be very fun to lose your limb , like if you lose a leg in a gunfight it would be very expensive to get a prostethic leg and untill then you are stuck limping and even if you win a battle at the cost of your leg or arm you would be the loser since the enemy would respawn and come back with full fighting force while you will be injured

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They should just increase the respawn timer, and prevent players from placing beds everywhere. Maybe make it like rust where you can place sleeping bags whenever you want, but when you die you can’t exactly spectate anything anymore (so you get a brown/black/white screen), and it takes 3 minutes to respawn.

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I made a suggestion like this once.

It was not appreciated well.

Realism for the sake of realism is pointless realism.


The suggestion is cool, having specific body parts being damaged, but I don’t like the idea of losing limbs.
First of all it’s a little GORE, I think a game like Unturned shouldn’t have something like that.
A simpler way to solve this would be: After being shot from a large-caliber weapon in the arm, it would break and the player would lose agility in reloading and hit speed. If it gets hit in the leg, the leg bone breaks and then the player loses the ability to run, jump and still move more slowly.
Already the idea of turneds losing limbs, I like, but something like, shoot the zombie leg and he will become a crawler, shoot his arm and he will lose range to hit.


I like your suggestion tbh. But it should incorporate parts of my idea, just with less gore

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  1. Breaking one leg should make you limp. But leg breaks don’t come from fall damage. Maybe you can break your ankle from fall damage, causing you to be able to walk but not jump or sprint. A broken leg can be caused by heavy damage from a weapon with no source of armor directly to your foot. But instead of it breaking, the “HP” of it decreases. So it just doesn’t BREAK, it just declines slowly and slowly and at some point breaks from too much damage.

  2. Breaking arms can cause poor recoil control, and weapon sway.

You can definitely break legs from fall damage…

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Well legs are usualy perpendicular to the ground and can take a lot more force to break that way compared to a car crash so you are more likely to break an ankle or something then a tibia or femur , i think

We can’t make this system too complex though. I suggest the parts you can break/injure are:


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I didnt say legs cant break from that but they are made so they will resist it , of course you will feel pain and slow down a bit after a large drop and if it is big enough you will break something but up to like maybe 5 meter drop you can still resist without breaking your bones but it will hurt , and if you break something like your neck or hip or head you most likely die without proper medical care

Speaking of that, they should add the ability for other players to treat you, but in a more interactive way that Unturned I

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I really love the idea of damage to the player and injuries being more punishing and healing also taking longer (the way healing works in 3.0 is a fucking joke for a survival game sinc you can jump around and break dance while applying meds). The only thing that I don’t like is the possibility of completely losing a limb.

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To be honest I guess that is a bit too extreme. Too much gore for a game like Unturned.


Heals are for the weak

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Nelson is against adding concepts like these that go too in-depth, i.e the example he gives