Suggestion: quick markers

Add the ability to place quick markers at the player’s view. As it is usually implemented in battle royales. This would greatly improve the quality of the co-op game, and would make it easier to coordinate. Quite often situations arise when you see an enemy, and you need to quickly and accurately show your teammate the location of the target. And it’s very hard to do without quick markers.

this is how it looks in games (for those who don’t understand what i’m talking about)


Maybe make like that gameplay feature would be implemented through certain item. Could be GPS, it will make that item somewhat distinct from Chart. Or maybe still separate item?


This is a fairly simple idea, but it will bring disproportionate comfort for playing together.


I think it would be possible to make marks work without items on easy mode, and on higher difficulties it would be possible to implement your idea


I think the range finder would be a better option as it could add more additions to the range finder.

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