Suggestion - Remove Oversampling

A Brief Explanation of Oversampling by Wrel

I’ve noticed that basically all weapons that utilize either a semi-automatic or burst-fire mode are susceptible to oversampling in Unturned 3.x

I simply suggest that in Unturned 4.x oversampling be removed as it triggers me whenever I try to rapidly fire any semi-auto or burst-fire weapon only to have the weapon fail to fire for a few brief seconds.


Yep, pit two players against each other, one with a maplestrike and another with an eaglefire(burst). The eaglefire clearly wins ezpz when it theoretically shouldn’t (considering burst mode is a ‘disadvantage’ than full auto)

heyy, i’ve made a post on this too (except i didn’t know it was called “oversampling”, that’s an odd name)

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On the contrary I’ve had many situations where I pick-up an Eaglefire and I loose an engagement to similar rifles able to fire in full-auto. Or did you mean the Maplestrike wins?

Ah cool! I’m glad to see this issue isn’t totally unknown.

eaglefire wins.

Ah cool! I’m glad to see this issue isn’t totally unknown.

every single person i’ve talked to on this issue knows about it and fucking despises it

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